Actress: Saki Yoshikawa

1: Uhm, why are they interviewing the man before this scene? Anyway, her and the man get in a bath tub and she rubs her tits all over his dick and he sucks on her nipples. She then finishes the scene by giving him a blowjob.

2: Two women squirt milk all over a man's face and he gets to suck on their nipples. They then give him a blowjob and they also squirt milk on his dick!

3: She enters into what appears to be a fan's home and she feeds him food with milk sprayed all over it. She always lets him suck on her nipples and she sprays some milk on him.

4: Another man gets milk sprayed onto this chest and then she sprays the milk into a glass and then all over his dick. She also sprays milk all over his chest, has sex with him and then sprays more milk onto him.