Actress: Yui Aihara, Asami Sakamoto, Marie Nakano, Mai Kurahashi

1: A man is laying on a bed and a woman squirts milk all over near him. There's a close up shot of him out of the picture and her just squeezing her nipples and lactating. I'd like to see that more often. After awhile they switch to him sucking on her nipples and more lactating using her own fingers. She now rubs his dick in between her tits.

2: Wow, I'm not really into lactation movies with men in them, but I loved this part for some reason. It's pretty hot. She has some huge tits and squirts milk all over a man's face. Her tits and nipples are both HUGE. She even gets out a glass and fills it up with her milk. She even was nice enough to give the man a straw for him to suck the milk out of the glass. She then just squirts milk onto his dick and then the scene ends. I need to find out her name and see if she's been in anything else. She's a bit older, probably in her 40's maybe.

3: This man is so mean to his wife! She cooks food for him and then cleans off the table and then he rubs her tits from behind and makes the table all messy again by having her spray milk all over it! Now she has to clean it all over again! She then just lactates into his mouth and then all over his dick.

4: She lets a man suck her nipples and then she sprays milk all over his face. She then jerks him off after lactating onto his dick.

5: This man gets milk all over the face and then sucks on her nipples. Oh yeah, this woman can squeeze her tits together with her arms and squirt milk out of both nipples. I don't know if that's normal or a special talent.

6: More milk all over the face and some nipple sucking. Later on she sits on his face and then jerks him off.

7: This man gets a handjob after milk is squirted all over his dick.