Actress: Hitomi, Mai Kurahashi, Asami Sakamoto

1: Three women take turns squeezing their tits and squirt milk all over a kitchen table. They then take turns spraying milk into a man's mouth. Following this they give him blowjobs and then spit breast milk into his mouth from a cup.

2: This woman sprays milk into a man's face while he has his head in her lap.

3: One woman squirts milk into the other woman's mouth and it is then spit into the man's mouth.They then spray milk all over his face, body and dick and then give him a blowjob.

4: Milk is sprayed onto men's face and they give a man a blowjob and have sex with him.

5: All three spray milk all over lots of different food and then feed it to a man. After that they have sex and there's a lot more lactation.