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Japan Video World has been online at the same web site since 2002!

We started this site originally as a hobby because we were always a fan of Japanese Bukkake movies (and other genres from Japan).

Back in the early days, Japanese bukkake titles were once extremely hard to find in the USA. I believe this was 1998-1999.

Back then internet video was not common and if you wanted to watch any you would have to import them from Japan.

They were usually so expensive that you often had to pay $80-$100 for a single 60 minute VHS tape!

We wanted to make it easier (and cheaper) for people to order japanese bukkake movies so we put up this web site.


Titles from Shuttle Japan and M's Video Group (MVG) were the most expensive ones that we can remember.

The early MVG titles from the 90's we've heard were only sold in one adult video store in Japan.

Some of the best bukkake titles were actually produced in the mid 90s.

These were titles from the genius Kazuhiko Matsumoto like Haru No Jin, Fuji No Jin and Natsu No Jin.


All of those were massive cum swallowing movies made in the 90s and even today are impressive.

These days they are now called gokkun movies. Back then I never once heard anyone using that word to describe them!

As you may know, Kazuhiko Matsumoto was one of the first creators of Bukkake movies along with Shuttle Japan.



This web site started out as a single page written entirely in Notepad on a Pentium 120mhz computer that rebooted itself every 15 minutes!

I believe that we were still using dial-up internet too (with a max speed of 56kbps!) because that's all that was available.

Believe it or not we once ONLY sold VHS tapes. VCD was still popular in Asia, but we were never fans of that format.

Around 2002 many people did not own DVD players. They were not yet popular enough or too expensive.

Even on a computer you would need a special MPEG2 decoder card and DVD-ROM.


My first experience with Japanese porn was when I saw some scans taken from Japanese Adult magazines.

Usually you could find these in Usenet newsgroups. Eventually we came across some photos taken from real Japanese Bukkake movies.

They showed before and after photos from some of the Shuttle Japan titles in the "Bukkake Festival" and "Bukkake Carnival" series.

We just had to track down some of these amazing movies and watch them for ourselves!


I found a guy in massachusetts that had some and he had sent me MVG's MS-01 Fuji No Jin and Shuttle's BU-04 Bukkake Summit 4.

I think maybe a few other Shuttle titles too. After my first watch my stomach felt a little funny. Somehow I clearly remember my first viewing of them!

These two titles are probably not good for someone new to Japanese bukkake movies! They are a bit extreme!

After watching them I was hooked! They were just that good! There was just nothing like them in the USA at the time.

A friend of mine told me that I should try to sell some of them. Maybe others would be like them too. This is when it all started!


After a few years of selling them on VHS we eventually switched to the DVD format. Somehow a few of my early customers actually hated how we had switched to this format! Eventually they felt it was worth making the change.

I made a goal to make scene descriptions and make screenshots for every single bukkake title I added! We did this somehow and I think that may be why our site was such a success.

The first bukkake DVDs we viewed and added were Waap's GAD-004 That's Entertainment and GAD-006 Semen Battle. I believe both were directed by the original inventor of bukkake Kazuhiko Matsumoto. Of course they are two very impressive (and must see) movies.

Another early movie that is easily our #1 all time best seller is SDDH-011 Nanami Nanase's "Semen Maniac" from Soft on Demand.

It's one of the most extreme bukkake titles there is and every month it was our #1 best seller.

In this movie she will do scenes based on ideas given to her from fans (the "semen maniacs" I think).

Most people who are new to bukkake have heard of it because of her movies!

One of her most famous movies is also SDDM-010 or "One week with only semen".


After years of selling bukkake we eventually started offering many other adult movie genres. I think this was possibly around 2011 or so.

These days bukkake is only less than 10% of our sales, but we will still always try to add as many as we can.

We've tried hard to generate interest in them again, but bukkake isn't quite as popular as it once was. I still love it though!


In 2018 we found that very few people had time to read bukkake reviews any more so we removed them and sales actually improved a little!

The screenshots are still there and we will do what we can to make it easy for people to shop for them.

They are now sorted out by theme. Both cum swallowing (aka Gokkun) and group cumshot facials.






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