About Japan Video World

Author: Webmaster/Owner

Official Twitter page: @JapanVideoWorld


Summary of our history online:

  1. I started this website back in 2002 as a way for people to more easily buy Japanese Adult Videos in the USA.
  2. We were one of the first sites in the USA to sell Japanese Bukkake movies in the DVD format.
  3. Our site has over 1600 Japanese Bukkake DVDs available. 90% of them with a full length review and DVD screenshots!
  4. We provide DVD screenshots (picture galleries) for over 5000 Japanese Adult Movies.
  5. We originally specialized in bukkake only, but now focus on many different genres.


Japan Video World started out as only a hobby back in 2002.

I always had an interest in asian films and eventually discovered porn from Japan.

Back then it was extremely difficult to watch Japanese Adult Videos because internet video was not yet that common.

Usually you had to locate someone online with some to buy or get them straight from Japan.

In the early days, most Japanese titles were in VHS format only and quite expensive.

It was pretty common to order 1 single 60 minute VHS tape and pay up to $100USD PLUS shipping!


I started Japan Video World so that I could make it easier for those in the USA to buy Japanese porn movies.

Originally we focused on the Japanese Bukkake genre. These at the time seemed to be the hardest to obtain.

I wasn't even aware of such a movie existing until I was browsing usenet newsgroups on my dialup modem and came across some before and after screenshots from Japanese Bukkake titles from Shuttle Japan.

I ordered some and sold my first few on EBAY and to other collectors and eventually put up this website.

I was so interested in them that I reviewed every new bukkake video I added as a hobby.

I would usually give them a review score between 1 and 10.


For the few couple of years we only sold Bukkake VHS tapes. No DVD format yet because a player itself back then cost over $1000 I think!

Our collection kept growing bigger and bigger each year.

Every year the demand for Japanese Bukkake porn kept getting bigger and bigger.


Around 2004 DVD players became common and we switched to that format.

Adding the DVD format allowed us to take DVD screenshots of every adult DVD we added!

I did this because I was tired of all those other DVD sites that had just covers, some actress info and that's it!

I always liked the idea of seeing screenshots of a movie before I bought it. This also saved me money on buying titles I probably wouldn't like.


I made it a rule to always reviews and take screenshots for every bukkake DVD we added!

From 2002 until 2019 I think we've added over 500 pages just of bukkake reviews and scene descriptions.

They are all written by me, the webmaster.


When mobile browsing took over, less and less people had time to read my long winded reviews and we had to adapt to this.

Interests in genres also seems to vary year to year too.

All of our old reviews and scene descriptions are all still available.


Interesting facts:

  • Originally we were going to sell only bondage videos. We soon discovered there was very little demand for them and changed our mind.
  • When we first made this site it was a single page written in Notepad running Windows 95.
  • The computer was a Packard Bell 120mhz pentium that rebooted itself every 15 minutes!
  • I'll always remember this for some reason. It was all a learning process because I did not known HTML or CSS very well.
  • To this day, i've written this entire website myself using HTML and without a CMS (content management system).
  • Because of this, we use an external shopping cart provider. Same one we've known and trusted since maybe 2003!
  • Not a big deal, but I manage the web server myself. I am probably better at managing a Linux web server than designing websites!
  • Our first dedicated server was a 2ghz celeron running Fedora Linux with only 512mb of ram and an 80gb IDE hard drive (!!)
  • Demand for bukkake was at it's highest around 2007 for us. It took a huge nose-dive when the recession hit.