likes to drink sperm
Milk Asakura


Scene 1: she gives every guy a hand job until you see multiple cum shots in her mouth. She spits it out into her hand and slurps it back into her mouth.

Scene 2: In this scene she does a little of everything. Everything from giving blow jobs and hand jobs, to pissing in a bowl while a man
waits in cum in, on and around her mouth.

Scene 3: Teacher and student share conversation, blow jobs, hand jobs and cum shots.

Scene 4: Sex and a facial.

Scene 5 she is sick in bed waiting to be healed by each doctors cumshot.



Dream Shower 39
Miyuki Hourai


Scene 1: She gives men blowjobs and lets them cum on her face. She's smiling a lot during this scene which isn't really that common!

Scene 2: School themed scene in a room. She kneels down and gives two men blowjobs then it's cum all over the face as you'd expect.

Scene 3: Man sticks a vibrator up her, they have sex and then it's a bukkake facial.

Scene 4: This scene is really good! She's a teacher and they shoot her with some sticky goop (not semen) and she rubs it in. Soon they start to cum all over her face and some of it is all hanging off her glasses she is wearing. Even the camera gets slimed. She licks it clean at the end for a second or two.

Scene 5: Blowjob scene here.

Scene 6: She holds up her hands that are taped together to collect cum and then she licks it up.

Scene 7: Sex and a messy facial.

This is a good one and even better than BTD-042 with Akira Watase that I just added.



Nana Miyachi


Have you seen the Shuttle DBK and KB series? For the bukkake scenes in those movies they use a ball gag on the girl, for this movie they use a ball gag AND a nose hook for one scene. For another they use nose hooks and wire hooks on her mouth for the bukkake scene. I haven't seen a bukkake movie like this in years. It's definitely something new and i'm sure we'll see more like it soon. It's also similar to the bondage scenes found in Milky Cat titles. There a GIGA series like this too that I might look into. Anyway, i'll shut up now, here's what the scenes are like:

Scene 1 she is sitting in a chair. Some guy plays with her face for awhile and then sticks a white ball gag in her mouth and then uses a nose hook on her. For it's a very messy bukkake facial scene. This is done while she has all that bondage stuff on! Obviously, you have to like this sort of thing to enjoy a scene like this. It's ok with me.

Scene 2: This is some sort of weird examination scene. Sort of like the scene found in the confinement trance series. They soon put a red ball gag into her mouth and shoot some weird liquid into the holes into the ball gag, then a bunch of men cum all over her face.

Scene 3 is probably the roughest scene in the movie, but it's not too bad. They use hooks on her mouth and then on her nose while men cum all over her face. It's very messy.

In scene 4 she puts on a nose hook and leather collar on himself and used a vibrator. Later she gives some guy a blowjob while she still has that nose hook on.

For scene 5 she has a ring gag over her mouth while her her hands are tapped together. Men cum into the hole into the gag.

The last scene starts out with a rough blowjob. After that the guy wraps tape (I think that's what it is) around her mouth and then have sex. Towards the end a few men cum all over her face for a messy facial scene.

Good movie, but it's not for everyone. If you like these themes, then you'll love it. I won't give this one a rating.



Rio Aihara


Some girl (over 18) is playing jump rope and then some guys come and cum all over here face for a very messy facial scene.

Forgot to mention the intro scene has a short swallowing scene in it.

3rd scene has her taking cumshots in the mouth, showing that her mouth is full and swallowing it all.

Another scene she is in bed lying down and holding her teddy bear. She has a glass that several men cum into. She empties this glass in a condom and then empties it all into her mouth and swallows. Pretty nasty scene. Last and final scene is facials of course along with sex. There is another scene in the movie featuring swallowing, but forgot to mention that one.



The Real Deal of Semen
Isiki Akina


Score: 8.5/10

2: Very quick scene of a single messy cumshot all over her face as she's laying down on a bed.

3: She has sex while dressed up as a maid and gets a messy cum-shot to the face.

4: After a large massager is used on her, she gets another messy cumshot to the face.

5: Man rubs oil all over her body, has sex with her and it's another messy cumshot. Despite only one cumshot, it's still a good scene.

6: Another blowjob followed by a messy cumshot.

7: Sex along with a cumshot to the face.

I really liked this movie. What's surprising is how they made it so good while not having dozens of cumshots in each scene. I've seen messier movies that were not even as good as this.

This movie is also in widescreen and looks really good!







JLD-010 Semen
Manami Yoshii


1: Starts out with girl taking cumshots in the mouth and showing their mouth full of cum to the camera.

2: More cumshots in the mouth. She shows the camera and swallows them.

3: Now it's time for some messy cumshots all over her face. Of course after getting into her swimsuit and getting her jump rope.

4: Takes cumshots in the mouth and lets it all fall out into her hands. Once her hands are filled she slurps it up and does this several times. Scene after this is cumshots on the face, short scene.

6: Now the girl is in a classroom where she has sex on a mattress while dozens of men cum all over her face.



Dream Shower 62


Scene 1 has a pretty tame bondage scene. During this she takes messy cumshots on her face the entire time.

Scene 2 and 3 have her taking even more cumshots all over the face! Can't be disappointed with that!

Rest of the scenes after this except for one all feature messy facials. No reason for me to describe them all in detail!



Dream Shower 63
Rei Shina


Scene 1 starts out with a short interview. After that a bunch of men are standing around here and cum on here face for a very messy facial scene.

Scene 2 has her tied up on a chair for a very good bukkake facial scene. It's even messier than the first! She gets a lot of cum on her left eye and doesn't seem to be able to open it.

Scene 3 they are pretty rough on her. They put a ball gag in her mouth and then it's a rough blowjob. After that she has sex and yet even more men cum on her face.

Next scene she is eating and a room full of men come over and cum on her face. Yet again it's a good facial scene. She also cum into her food and she eats it.

Now she's sitting over a dildo attached to the floor. There's also one hanging down above her head that she's sucking on. Men cum all over her face. Very messy scene. You wont be disappointed.

Ok, this is getting kind of repetitive to keep describing the same thing over and over..this movie is one facial scene right after the next! The last and final scene is the same but even better! It's hard to try and make this one sound good since it's the same type of theme over and over. This is a good Dream Shower title, worth having for sure.



Dream Shower 64
Mai Karou


During the introduction she is sleeping while holding onto an alarm clock. While asleep several men cum on her face.

In the 1st scene she has sex and takes lots of cumshots on the face. In the 2nd scene she is in a classroom and everyone opens their lunch box. She opens it and it's a pink dildo. She presses it between her breasts while she sticks out her tongue for some cumshots. By the time she's take it's quite a mess and she has to lick some of it off of her chest.

In the next scene she plays the role of a nurse in a pink uniform. I guess she's supposed to make all her patients feel all better or something. She lets them shoot their cum all over her for this part.

Fourth scene is a really tame bondage scene where she get a face full of cum. Pretty short scene.

Now I bet you'll never guess what the last scene is...ok, not really, it's just sex and a a big facial scene. It's pretty good. I can't say it enough..if you like facials then you know what to expect with the Dream Shower and Dream Woman titles!



Dream Shower 60


Itsuka is holding up a bag of goldfish in water near her face while she gets blasted with some messy cumshots. Poor fish, probably running out of room in that bag. Then she goes and licks the cum off part of the bag! Maybe the fish liked it, I don't know.

Next scene she's talking on the phone while playing with a vibrator. Bet you can guess what happens next...men cum on her face! She's getting pretty messy, so she's going to have a hard time talking soon.

Now we're in a classroom settings. Of course they're not learning, but shooting cum all over her face. This is an extremely messy facial scene.

Now it's the best scene so far. It's a nurse/doctor/hospital settings. She's in a pink uniform and holds up a metal pan to collect cum in. When she's got enough she sucks up the cum and plays with it in her mouth and then lets it fall out again into the pan.

Now she's sucking a dildo from the camera's POV while men cum on her face as she keeps on sucking.

In another room she pisses into a plastic container and ugh, some...guy..drinks it. I didn't need to see that. What is Waap doing?! Now, while holding up her hands underneath her mouth, she collects cum dripping/falling out of her mouth.

The last scene is another extremely messy facial bukkake scene. If you like messy facials, get this one. It's good.



Mamiru Momone


Score: 8.5/10

1: This is just like YFF-019 I just reviewed. Here she gives the same man a blowjob and swallows his cum after showing it inside her mouth.

2: While in her exercise clothes she blows a ton of men one by one and swallows their cum. Different men in all areas of the set.

3: Three more men get blowjobs from her and she swallows their cum.

4: A few more blowjobs and cumshots in the mouth.


Rio Ogawa

Score: 7.5/10

1: Sex on a bed along with a cumshot to the face.

2: She strips down and a few men cum on her face. Still pretty messy.

3: While wearing some ugly black glasses, she gives a few blowjobs and gets cumshots around the mouth area.

4: Very messy facial while using a vibrator on herself.

5: Another messy facial for this scene.

6: During sex she gets a facial. At the start of this scene she is wearing glasses.





1: During sex on a bed, men cum all over her face.

2: Sex on a bed following by a cumshot in the mouth.

3: More sex followed by another cumshot to the face.

4: While sitting on the floor she gets a messy facial. She then has sex and they continue to give her a facial.

5,6,7: These are all sex scenes.

8: During sex she gets another messy facial.

This movie is about 3 hours and 50 minutes and is two discs.

Two discs


Lilith Ayaka


1: She gives about five different men blowjobs and then has sex and gets a very messy facial.

2: After a few quick blowjobs, she gets another very messy facial while she's using a vibrator on herself.

3: During sex she takes cumshots in the mouth and gets a messy facial during sex.

4: Another very good messy facial here!

5: One last facial during sex.

Dream Shower 52
Tsubasa Okina

Score: 7.5/10

1: She kneels down and gets a messy facial.

2: A lot of men feel her up all at once, a man fingers her, she gives some blowjobs and then has sex during yet another facial.

3: First few men cum around her mouth and on her lips and tongue and then the rest of them cum in her mouth one by one.

4: She has her legs tied up with rope and a dildo is used on her while men give her another messy facial.

5: Man fingers and licks her pussy, they do a 69 and have sex until she gets one last facial.


Dream Shower 30
Karin Manabe


1: On a bed she gives man a blowjob and he cums in her mouth. She spits it out into her hand, licks it back up and licks the camera!

2: Interview followed by one man unloading his cum into her hands. That's all for this very short scene.

3: Boss finds her rubbing herself while on the job. What does he do? Has everyone give her a facial! It's a really messy one. SOME of the Dream Shower titles before #30 don't have good facial scenes. This one is really good.

4: I don't know why, but I like the facial scene where they wear glasses. In an office she wears them while they cum all over her face, mostly onto the glasses. It looks pretty messy.

5: She gives lots of men blowjobs and swallows their cum.

6: Another really messy facial. After that's done, you also get a cumshot recap!


Dream Shower 16
Rika Natsumi


1: She's blindfolded and in a room with five men. Each one of them gets a blowjob from her and then cum on her face.

2: Man walks into the room with a fake dick. She gives him a blowjob and he pours white liquid all over it while she sucks on the dildo.

3: Man fingers and licks her pussy, uses a toy on her and then they do a 69. After that they have sex in the doggy style and missionary positions. She gets a facial at the end of the scene.

4: She gives man a very long handjob and he cums into her hand.

5: They finger her and use a vibrator on her for what seems like forever. She gets on top of some man for sex and once they switch to missionary she gets a facial.


Dream Shower 54
Mihi Suzuki


1: On a chair her hands are strapped together and there's a little bit of foreplay first to start things off. After that's over with she's sitting down and gets a facial. It's a pretty good one too.

2: Another facial scene here as well.

3: She's teaching a sex education class and then she gives blowjobs to all her students and they cum in her mount and on her face a little.

4: She sits on a dildo attached to a mirror and receives cumshots in the mouth and likes to stick out her tongue to catch the cum. At the end she licks some of the cum off the mirror.

5: While in the "doggy-style" position she receives lots of cumshots to the face.



Dream Shower 67


Score: 7.5/10

1: She's sitting down on the floor rubbing herself while men give her a facial while she sticks out her tongue. It's not a very good one, but more of an intro somewhat. Pretty short scene.

2: Kneeling down she blows a group of men and they each shoot their cum into her mouth. She saves up every single load until the end.

3: She walks into a room at school and a group of men are all jerking off. Ugh, that's just weird. Only in porn I guess. Anyway, they grab her, feel her up a bit and she has sex with one of them while the rest give her a messy facial. She gets a bit of their cum all over her glasses so she licks them clean.

4: She again walks into a room where men are just eating junk food and hanging around in their underwear. They put soap all over her in a bath tub and she uses the soap to give them a handjob. Soon they all cum on her face.

5: This scene gives me the creeps. I don't really like one additional "extra" they put in this scene, but whatever. She's sitting down on a chair with a blindfold on. You notice this large "thing" underneath her clothing and I guess it's supposed to be this huge dick or something. Well, obviously it's a sex toy, but you can't tell what they were going for with this scene. They pour oil all over her and use a massager to rub her "thingy". I'll pass on the fake penis scenes! Now they put this plastic piece in her mouth. It's one of those things used to hold her mouth open (kind of like the one found in DMC-14). They cum in her mouth and on her face a little bit. I think bondage stuff, but this didn't do much for me here.

6: Pretty disappointing scene here. It's just regular sex and a facial.

7: It's the end of the movie and they give her some flowers and then before letting her leave she gets a few more cumshots into her mouth!



Sperm Special Vol. 1
Rion Kirishima


Believe it or not this was supposed to go in the last update! My work area at my PC is pretty organized but guess what I found behind my sub woofer on my PC? This DVD! Not good. At first I was pretty sure this was an Idea Pocket title from the Spermania series for some reason.

1: Guy licks her ear, neck and then plays with her nipples and then uses several vibrators on her. She gives him a blowjob and then lots of men enter the room and they all give her a pretty messy facial.

2: She gives another man a blowjob and shoots a load of cum all over her face.

3: During sex she swallows many loads of cum.

4: While in the doggy-style position she receives a facial from several men.

5: She blows lots of men and each of them cum in her mouth and she swallows it.

6: During sex, she receives yet another facial.





Dream Shower 50


1: Nao stands in the middle of two rows of men. She first starts out by giving them blowjobs for awhile, but then they cum on her face one by one. It's an extremely messy facial scene. She even has some cum hanging off her eye lids!

2: In a school classroom she gives a few men blowjobs and then for the rest of the scene she takes loads of cum in her mouth and swallows it all! Pretty good scene here.

3: Man in classroom fingers her for what seems like forever, uses a vibrator on her and then fingers her again! Later he actually has sex with her and cums in her mouth. He again uses a vibrator on her, but this time while she gets another messy facial.

4: She is strapped to a chair, they stick a vibrator in her while she takes cum-shots to the mouth.

5: Starts off with some fingering, then a blowjob for this scene. During sex in the doggy-style position she gets a messy facial again. Later they continue to give her one while in missionary.

At the end of the movie there is a cum-shot recap followed by a very long handjob/blowjob.





This is a two disc set. I won't say much to describe this movie since you can figure it out by the screenshots. The first disc is a regular lesbian themed movie, kind of as an extra. The 2nd movie is called "Deep Kiss with Semen" and is pretty good. The two girls in it kiss and cum swap, take dozens of cumshots on the face and one girl is even fed cum with a spoon. To see the first set of screenshots click "Lesbian Play". To see the second set, click "Deep Kiss w/Semen".

Two discs.



Semen Drunker
Yukari Sakurada & Others


1: Scene in a classroom with Yukari Sakurada as the teacher. The other girl gets cumshots on the mouth and all over the tongue. Large messy clumps of it are hanging off the top of her upper lip. Yukari licks her face clean.

2: Another school theme. This time the girl licks some guy's hair asshole. Ugh, I did not need to see that. Then he cums on her and she spits it out onto his cheek. Don't care to see this myself.

3: A cum on food scene. They keep getting nastier with this movie. She even pisses on her food and then feeds it to some guy. After this she brushes her teeth with sperm.

4: Yukari is in an office and plays with a mouthful of cum, swishing it around and spitting it out in her hands and then swallowing some.

5: Yukari and the other girl are in a lesbian scene where they do a lot of cum-swapping. Good scene.

A few other scenes following, two featuring Yukari Sakurada.

(screenshots are somewhat messed up, actual movie is fine)



Gokkun Select 3
Momo Iizawa


1: Messy facial. She gets a mouthful of cum at the end too which she swallows.

2: Blowjob, sex and then the man cums inside his condom and she sucks the cum out of it!

3: Lots of cumshots around the mouth of one girl in this short scene. Some toys are used on her as well.

4: Two girls get their faces covered with cum. This scene is really good!

5: Another very messy facial. This time during sex. Lots of globs of cum is stuck all over her face.

6: Two lesbians for this one as well. Lots of cum and swapping/licking between them.

7: This has the girl from NHDT-040 in it. She holds up a wine glass and all the cum she can get goes into it and she swallows it down.

8: Good way to end the movie. It's a messy facial. Momo Iizawa is in this scene.



Mirei Kazuha


9/10 - Very good movie

1: She sticks out her tongue and lots of men take turns shooting their cum onto it. She swallows most of the cumshots.

2: During sex in the doggy-style position she gets a messy facial.

3: She gets cumshots onto the face while she deep-throats a man over and over. Not as bad as it sounds really.

4: Some sex and then towards the end she gets another very messy facial during sex in the doggy-style and missionary positions.

Very good movie. I'm a fan of her movies and wish I had more!


Reona Kanzaki


Score: 8/10

1: Short interview, she sucks on a black dildo and then gives a man a blowjob. She shows off some cum in her mouth and swallows it.

2: A bunch of men get blowjobs from her and she swallows their cum after showing each load in her mouth.

3: She blows two men while dressed in a pink nurses uniform. She swallows their cum too.

4: Here she's dressed as a teach for more blowjobs and cum-swallowing. She'll always open her mouth wide before swallowing.

5: Just a few more blowjobs and some swallowing.



Dream Shower


1: After using a vibrator she sits down and gets a facial. There is also a long interview before the scene.

2: In a small room she gets a very messy facial after blowing everyone. Check out those eyes!

3: Lots of messy cumshots during sex.

4: Very short scene with even more cumshots onto her face.

5: One last facial here during sex.


Semen Collection


This is a collection of scenes from the Semen Club series.

1: Cumshots straight into the mouth during missionary sex.

2: Lots of cumshots all over a girl's head. Right on her hair! Some on her face, but not much!

3: Cumshots into the mouth while her hands are in leather straps.

4: She gets cum in the mouth and then spits it out into her hands, plays with it a bit and then later even spits some out onto a plate. She also gets some in a glass of water and swallows the cum out of it.

5: Short scene with some cumshots in the mouth.

6: Pretty good facial here.

7: While using a vibrator, Sakura Sakurada receives cumshots in the mouth.

8: Random women give blowjobs and receive cum in the mouth.

9: More cum in the mouth, but this time it takes place in a classroom.

10: Sex and cumshots for this scene as well.

11: Nao gives blowjobs and swallows each load of cum.

12: More loads of cum to the mouth here as well. Lots of it is all over her tongue.



Dream Shower
Nachi Igawa


Score: 8.5/10 - This one is pretty good and has some really messy facial scenes.

1: Lots of men enter her room they all cum on her face one by one. This movie starts out well!

2: While she's kneeling down a lot of men cum all over her face. Pretty good facial and no 'filler' material anywhere in this scene!

3: She gives blowjobs to lots of men, has sex with one of them and then receives a facial.

4: Another scene where all she does is receive loads of cum in her mouth. She swallows each one!

5: After each blowjob the man unloads his cum all over her face.

6: Man uses several large massagers on her, has sex with her and then gets a messy facial.



Mao Nishino


Score: 8.25/10

1: Two men feel her up a bit and then she gives them blowjobs and then all the men start to cum all over her tongue. She swallows each load after showing it all over her tongue.

2: Sex followed by a messy facial on a bed.

3: He squats over a sex toy and uses it until getting a messy facial.

4: One last messy facial.



Shizuka Kanno


Score: 9.25/10

1: She gives a man a blowjob and he cums in her mouth. She sticks out her tongue and it's like a little scoop for cum! Of course she swallows it down.

2: In a room a bunch of men that are just sitting around, get blowjobs from her one at a time. After every cumshot, she will open her mouth and show it off all over her tongue before swallowing.

3: While wearing a swimsuit she gives two men blowjobs. For one load, she sticks out her tongue and she can hold the cum on her tongue while sticking it out! She swallows two loads of cum here.

4: She blows even more men and after each cumshot she will stick out her tongue with it covered with cum and then swallow it.

5: More blowjobs and cum being swallowed in an office setting. As always you get to see it all over her tongue before she swallows.

Interesting fact: She's known as one of those "Snake Tongued" woman. One of her best movies is DDT-311 from Dogma. Her tongue is impressive!


Dream Shower 47
Hitomi Hasegawa

1: She receives cumshots in the mouth and plays with the cum a little. She even uses her fingers to show off her huge mouthful of cum.

2: Ugh, this scene is so bad. It makes me cringe just to watch it. I guess the facial scene is ok, but there's another reason why I don't like it. Perhaps you can take a guess and you're probably right!

3: She sits on a dildo attached to a mask that a man is wearing. They do a 69 and she gives him a blowjob. While still sitting on the guy's face she gets a facial.

4: She gives blowjobs and the men cum in her mouth.

5: Starts off with her hands strapped together. Man fingers her and she quirts all over the place and even onto some guy's face underneath her. Following this is a short facial scene.

6: Gross...just gross. I don't describe many scenes as that and I don't want to describe why or I'll sound really mean. It's not gross in a good way.


Mirei Yokoyama


1: Quick interview and then a blowjob followed by her showing off his cum in her mouth and then swallowing.

2: She blowjobs a roomful of men and swallows all their cum after showing it off to the camera.

3: A lot more blowjobs and cum swallowing while dressed as an office worker.

4,5: These are blowjobs and swallowing scenes while dressed as a teacher and then in a swimsuit. As always, she'll show off all that cum in her mouth before it's swallowed.


in the Semen
Ayumi Hazuki


First scene has this young looking girl playing in a small pool filled with semen (fake).

2nd is a bukkake facial scene, mainly aimed at the nose and mouth.

3rd, girl is holding onto a teddy bear and some guy cums on it! Then of course after this you have more cum all over the face.

4th is even more facials. This time messier than the one before it!

5th and 6th: , some guys cum on her while she's sleeping. Now in a swimsuit for yet another bukkake facial scene. Another one after that.



Momo Iizawa


1: Very long scene here. In a classroom she's the teacher and has sex with some of her students. At the end she empties a cum-filled condom into her mouth.

2: On a train she massages some guy through his pants, strips him down and then gives him a blowjob and then licks it up and then swallows. Another guy licks her pussy and then she swallows his cum as well.

3: I sure get to watch the sickest stuff. This was ALL fast forward material here for me, but I'll explain anyway. She makes out with a guy, licks his ass, puts a small dildo up his ass and then...does him with a strap-on.

4: Just your regular sex scene here.


Dream Shower 49
Momo Hoshino


Score: 8/10

1: Starts off with an interview, but she soon uses a small vibrator and gets a messy facial.

2: She puts her hands under her mouth and men cum into it. She spits out a mouthful of cum at the end. She also gets a lot of cumshots all over the face.

3: During sex she gets a facial. Starts out with her giving a blowjob.

4: With her hands tied behind her back, she gets yet another facial!

5: Again, sex and a facial. Nothing wrong with that!

6: Man licks her pussy, fingers her and then lots of men give her a facial.

This movie has a facial in every scene!


Dream Shower WDI-006
Lemon Tachibana


1: Short interview and then five men cum on her face! Another good start for a new movie.

2: She gives blowjobs to six men. 2-3 of them cum in her mouth and the other's on her face.

3: In a classroom she strips down and a man licks her pussy and he fingers her. She has sex and then a bunch of men give her a messy facial.

4: While her hands and feet are strapped up, a massager is used on her while men cum in her mouth.

5: While dressed as a maid, she gets an extremely messy facial while she uses a vibrator.

6: During sex she gets lots of cumshots in her mouth and then they give her a facial.


Ryo Takamiya


Score: 8/10

Intro: She is interviewed and then sucks on a black dildo.

1: She gives one man a blowjob, she opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and he cums all over it and then shows it off. She continues to give about four more men blowjobs and each one cums in her mouth. She only swallows the last load after showing it off all over her tongue.

2: The man's name in this scene is "Big Magnum"! Ok, not really, but I found it funny how the name of this scene is "Big Magnum Blowjob". I guess the man is supposed to have a big dick or something. Anyway, she gives Big Magnum a blowjob and he cums around and in her mouth.

3: While dressed as a nurse in a pink uniform, she gives a patient a blowjob, shows off the cum in her mouth and then spits it out into a small glass. She then gives a second man a blowjob while sitting on his face and then spits his cum into a glass as well.

4: She gives several men blowjobs, they cum in her mouth, she opens her mouth and shows off the cum and swallows it.

5: In her office she rubs her pussy and then gives a bunch of men blowjobs. They did swallow one load of cum, but not all of them. There is a lot of good messy cumshots and she gets a lot of cum all over her tongue.

6: This is a very short scene of her getting a fake cumshot in the mouth from a black dildo.




Score: 8/10

1: She uses a dildo on herself really quick and then lots of men cum all over her pussy. She even gets some in the mouth, shows it off and then rubs it into her pussy. At least this scene is something different.

2: What....?? First it's sex and then a facial..Wait no, it's not a facial, but men shooting cum all over her pussy. She rubs it in a bit too.

3: Just a long sex scene but contains some fingering and her squirting.

4: Well this was worth all those average to slightly good scenes. Here she uses a dildo and then has a ton of men all cum all over her face. Halfway through she uses the dildo again and squirts a ton of liquid right up into the air over and over. This facial is extremely messy, which isn't as common.

5: Another very, very messy facial. Some boring foreplay at the start, but not a big deal.

6: And another! This one is just as good. At the end they take her into a brightly lit bathroom for more cumshots. They should have more facials in a bathroom like this. She took so much cum on the face that even her eyes are a bit red.

7: She does a 69 with a blindfolded man.

8: For this last scene she goes into what appears to be a fan's apartment. He has sex with her and by the time they're done the sheets are totally soaked! Wow, that much mess?! Not a fan of this kind of scene.

9: Lots more messy sex here. She once again squirts all over the place in this scene. Not any bukkake here, but that's ok.

The facial scenes are really very good