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Semen Maniac 1
Nanami Nanase, Nanami Kurosawa


One of the most extreme bukkake movies ever made!

This is one of the best bukkake movies ever made. It's also one of the most extreme and has been a top seller for a very long time.

1: She's laying down and men cum onto her hair and she licks and sucks the cum off her hair. After that they cum in her ear! She takes a long piece of plastic tubing/hose and sucks it all out of her ear and into her mouth! Following that, one man cums all over her nose and they make sure it all goes up it and it ends up inside her throat. If that wasn't enough, they stick a cum funnel in her...nose and then men cum inside that! All the cum magically appears inside her throat and then they stick a mini camera into her mouth.

2: They hold open her eyes and a bunch of men cum right into them. Not over or around, but IN. Both of them! Lots of closeups too. They even use a tiny spoon to scoop up cum and dump it into her eyes.

3: She lays down and has her arms tied down. She opens her mouth and lets dozens of men cum into her mouth. She holds each load of cum in her mouth and doesn't swallow it right away but saves it up. Her mouth is completely full and nearly overflowing with cum and they stick a small camera in her mouth and then cum above her mouth and around her nose and then she swallows it all down.

4: For this scene she has sex with some guy. As she's bouncing up and down on him she holds up a large glass and receives cumshots to the mouth. All the cum she spits out into the glass. At the end they switch to the missionary position and a few more cum in her mouth. Once they have the glass filled to the end it is now scene 5.

5: They stick a tiny hose up her "pee-hole" and then dump the large glass of cum into a funnel attached to the hose. They use a vibrator on her for awhile and then she pees all the cum/piss out into a glass jar that some guy holds up. She has this HUGE glass of cum/piss and she drinks it down. All of it! It takes her awhile though and it's obvious she doesn't like the taste of it.

6: This scene has Nanami Kurasawa and Nanami Nanase in it. Nanami Kurasawa sticks one of those plastic devices up her pussy to hold it open. Men cum into it and you see her pussy get filled with foamy cum. There's lots of shots of the camera inside her. At the end, Nanami Kurasawa takes a small piece of hose and makes all the cum inside her all foamy. She takes out the plastic device and empties the cum in it into a glass. Now Nanami Nanase sits on her and all the cum falls out in her mouth. Anyway, at the end they dump the glass of cum into Nanami Nanase's mouth and she swallows it.

7: For this scene she blows a ton of guys. They cum in her mouth and she empties her mouth of cum into a large glass. Eventually she even starts giving a few handjobs and lets them cum into the glass. Once they get enough it's onto the cum on food scene! Some love this sort of thing and some hate it. I hate it! It doesn't gross me out or anything, I just don't like it much.

First, she heats up the huge bowl of cum. She then scoops up some of the cum and puts it over what looks like fish eggs and eats them. Then she has cum fondue. She eats several things with cum all over it and wow, does it look nasty. At the end she holds up another glass and she gets a quick drink of cum to wash it all down I guess.

8: This scene might be going to far, but whatever. They tie her up with rope and hang her upside down from a pole by her legs. Men receive blowjobs from her while she's upside down and then men cum onto her. At the end they all piss on her. There's a short interview after this scene as well.


AKA catalog #: CHIE-003

Content: Facial, Gokkun


100 Shots of Semen Vol. 5
Rina Takese


I've been wanting to review this one forever. It's an old title that just never sells well if at all. Rina Takese is one of my favorite AV stars of Japanese Bukkake. I really don't know if she's very popular with people or not, but I sure hope so. She's been in so many Japanese bukkake titles and some of them are my favorite titles of all time. Semen Final is one title that doesn't't sell well, mainly because it has a bad box cover and looks bad. That's another one of my list to re-review! I think I gave that title a 9/10 or so.

1: She's dressed as a teacher and wearing glasses while in front of a classroom of men in their underwear. Later, in another room she's kneeling down and gives one man a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she shows off her mouth of cum to the camera. More and more men do this and she swallows the cum after showing each load of cum in her mouth to the camera. She blows one man and before the other comes out she removes one piece of clothing. She keeps doing this until she's completely naked.

2: Dressed as a maid she's cleaning a house while men stand around in their underwear. Men jerk off and cum all over the glass table she just cleaned. She picks up a large stringy clump of cum with her fingers and then sticks it on her tongue and swallows it down. She licks the rest all the table. More men cum on the table and she sucks it up and picks some of it up with her fingers.

3: She's completely naked sitting on a sofa. Men first start to cum all over her nipples and she scoops it all up with a spoon and empties it out into her mouth and swallows it down. They then cum onto her legs and face and she does the same. To me, she's like the perfect bukkake star. She seems to really be into this scene and is always smiling and acting like such things are so much fun to her.

4: She's in an office room and talking to what seems to be her boss or something. I'm not sure what they're saying, but next she's surrounded by men in a different room. They all have a feel of her and then one man has sex with her. The rest of them all cum right into her mouth and she swallows each load of cum. It's not a facial scene though. It's really hard to take any good screenshots for this scene since she pretty much just swallows everything!

5: She has a piece of toast and I guess it doesn't have enough flavoring on it so she has several men cum all over it. She eats it and by the end it had so much cum on it it looked all soggy! For desert she has men cum all over that too and it looks so nasty. If that wasn't enough she brushes her teeth with cum and she even gargles with it! You almost never see this in bukkake movies!

6: Dressed in all black leather she kneels down and receives a ton of cumshots in the mouth and all over her tongue and swallows each one!

7: Dressed as a nurse she puts a condom on some guy and gives him a handjob until he cums inside it. She then takes off the condom and sucks the cum out of it! Believe it or not I get a lot of people asking for movies with such scenes! Next, she holds up a large piece of plastic and men cum onto that and she licks and sucks it all up. For the next part she gets men to cum onto a large mirror. She sucks up all that cum and shows off her mouthful of cum and then swallows it down.

8: For this scene she's sitting on a bed holding up a glass. Men cum into her mouth and all over her tongue and all the cum goes into the glass. At the end she swallows it all down. Of course after showing her mouth filled with cum.

9: Regular sex scene followed by the last few cumshots. For each and every cumshot in this movie they have a number displayed in the corner of the movie!

This movie is just so hot. I just can not believe I never gave this movie ANY attention. How on earth did I just list it and not even put up a simple review? It didn't even get a single screenshot done for it! Seriously this movie was just amazing to me, it's almost as if it's a completely different movie the second time around. It even blows away 100 shots of Semen Vol. 3 with Nanami Nanase. DDM-004 Semen Race Queens got a 10/10 and this movie is even better than that to me! Of course they are completely different movies and you can't really compare them.

I don't want to overdo my review or you might expect way too much. Maybe it's just that I really like Rina Takese. If you dislike her, then it might not be as good. There's no massive amount of cum swallowed all at once. Doesn't matter one bit to me. There's also no real facial scenes. It's just 100 cum-shots in her mouth non-stop through the entire movie!

Content: Gokkun

Nanami Nanase


New review and screenshots since this movie seems to be severely under-appreciated.
Directed by Tatsuya Aoki, the genius behind the Semen Gokkun series and some Junk Shop titles.

1: Nanami Nanase kneels down while in her school uniform and gives a man a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she shows it off and then swallows. After each blowjob she will remove a piece of clothing.

She's now standing in between two men and they launch their sperm onto a clear piece of plastic she is holding up. She pushes the cum together with her fingers and then licks it up. The camera angle is from below the plastic piece and looking up at her licking it. She shows some of the cum in her mouth before swallowing it. As a plus she's usually smiling after swallowing each load of cum! She's like this during the whole movie!

Now she takes one load and sucks it up with a tiny straw, shows it in her mouth and swallows. After this takes a cumshot in the mouth and lets it fall out into her hand. She'll then pull up globs of cum and then swallows it.

2: Men shoot cum onto her tits and she scoops up each cumshot with a spoon. She'll then pick up some of the cum with her fingers and play with it. It's shot right in front of her and often it will fall back onto the spoon. She eventually swallows it all down. It's way better to watch than I make it seem. Kind of amusing watching her play with the stuff.

Now she gets an even bigger spoon and men shoot cum all over her pubic hair and surrounding areas. She schoops it up and then slowly dumps the contents of the spoon into her mouth and swallows.

3: In my first review I almost totally skipped this scene and it's such a good one. She has sex starting in the doggy-style position while men cum in her mouth. The camera is often directly in front of her. She saves up some of it before showing it to the camera and then swallowing. They finally switch to missionary and continue to cum in her mouth.

4: This scene is so hot really. Of course I have a thing for the nurse scenes. Here she is dressed as a nurse and holds up a syringe with a small funnel attached to the top. She has men shoot cum into the funnel and she collects their semen! It's kind of funny to watch her expressions while she's in this scene. She empties the top of the funnel into the syringe and licks the overflow with her tongue. Once the syringe is totally filled she shoots it slowly onto her tongue and swallows it! They don't just stop at one tiny syringe...

Now they get a bigger one and have more men cum into the funnel. Once she has enough cum in the syringe she shoots it into her mouth and swallows.

5: Tons of stuff going on in this scene so i'll need to split it up a bit:

A: She blows a man, jerks him off and then plays with his stringy globs of cum before swallowing them. The next man shoots cum onto a desk and she licks it up. Lots of extreme closeups of the cum in and around her mouth as seen in the old MVG classics. Wonder why they don't do this as much these days?

B: She collects semen in a glass and plays with the cum and often shows it all over her tongue after picking it up with her fingers. She gives the last man a handjob and plays with his cum too before swallowing. If you like the cum-play scenes you'll love this. They don't have many of those any more and need to bring them back!

6: The soggy toast scene! In an office she holds up a piece of toast and lots of men cum all over it. When it's nearly covered she eats it. She even scraps off the soggy top of it with a knife and eats it. Pretty nasty.

For desert she has men cum all over her gelatin desert and then she eats it. It looks as if there was more semen in the glass than gelatin!

7: While holding a teddy bear and sitting on the ground she receives cumshots in the mouth that she will show off and swallow. Sometimes she'll lick cum off her fingers.

Nanami Nanase is amazing in this movie! I never gave this movie a score I think but it's definitely one of the best bukkake movies ever made. A must have really. One thing that surprised me the movie is how good the picture quality still is. There is also a cumshot counter in the movie that goes up to 100.

NOTE: Screenshot overkill! So many amazing shots.

Content: Gokkun

Iori Furukawa


Content: Gokkun, Facials

1: Very good scene. First she blows a couple men and for each one she will show off her mouthful of cum for a long time and then swallow. After this she gets a very messy facial.

2: During sex in the doggy-style position she holds up a metal pan and gets a messy facial. They switch positions and the facial continues. At the end they dump the contents of the pan onto her face. Perfect scene!

3: After getting a massage she gets a facial!

4: She gets a facial while holding up a piece of plastic. Some of the cumshots fall off onto it.

5: Another facial and this time during sex.

6: One last facial during sex.


Semen Hospital
See below - Too many to list
SDDE-002 Semen Hospital with Yukari Sakurada, Itsuki Kinoshita etc


Content: Gokkun, Lesbian Bukkake. Not 100% sure about swallowing.

Starring: Yukari Sakurada, Itsuki Kinoshita, Nanami Kurasawa, Rumi Hoshino & Milk Asakura.

This is an old favorite. It was at the bottom of the SOD section because it's one of the first movies I've ever added!

1: The whole movie takes place in a hospital as you could tell from the title. Outside in the receiption area the lights are all dim. Men are waiting in here and while waiting they get blowjobs from all the nurses! In the back men are standing in a line and Yukari Sakurada and Nanami Kurasawa are giving them blowjob. Nanami receives a load of cum and takes it over to Yukari and spits it out into her mouth.

2: Nanami is laying underneath a piece of clear plastic and men cum all over it and she licks it up. Yukari is in her office again and is talking to a patient. She gives him a penis examination and she acts like she's treating him.

3: Nanami is giving Yukari's patient a blowjob. Yukari walks in and takes over and has sex with the man. He cums in his condom and Yukari empties the cum from the condom into her mouth.

4: Three nurses in pink uniforms give all the patients blowjobs and then all of the nurse spits the cum into each other's mouths.

5: Nurse runs out to catch a patient that was just leaving. He stops and she gives him a blowjob and then she spits his cum onto his windshield and then licks it up. Strange...

6: One nurse has sex and gets a few cumshots on the mouth that she plays with.

7: Nurse goes into a prison cell, lays on the mattress on the floor and then gets a few cumshots in the mouth during sex. She plays with the cum a bit too.

8: Yukari is in a room with a man in a wheelchair. Another nurse comes in an the man cums and the two nurses cum-swap. The other nurse (not yukari) pisses into a bowl and then acts like she drinks it, but the scene ends before she does.

9: Yukari gives man a blowjob and he cums in her mouth.

10: All the nurses are together for this scene. They each get a load of cum in the mouth and play with it during the credits.

This movie stars Yukari Sakurada, Itsuki Kinoshita, Nanami Kurasawa, Rumi Hoshino and Milk Asakura.



Semen Battle Royale
Kurumi Morishita
SDDH-005 Semen Battle Royale starring Kurumi Morishita


Content: Facials, Gokkun

1: She's sitting down in a dirty old warehouse and several men shoot their cum onto her face. She licks the cum off of her fingers at the end.

2: This scene is the best. For this one she kneels down and gives what seems like dozens of men blowjobs. They will cum on her lower part of her face, in her mouth, on her hair or in her hands. She will take their cum and swallow it after playing with it for awhile. Several times during the scene she has a large amount of cum in her hands. At  one point she spits a man's cum out onto his dick and uses it as sort of a lube. I've only seen that in one other movie (a semen gokkun series title). This scene is so hot! A plus is that she smiles a lot during this scene, which makes it so much more better.

3: Man licks her pussy, then has sex with her in the missionary position while men give her a good facial. At the end it looks like her face is soaked. Fairly short scene, but it's good.

4: While on top of some man during sex she gets yet another good facial.

5: About a dozen or so men all piss on her while she's sitting down on the floor.

This one is very good. It's so much better than the others in the series by far.



Konomi Futaba
SDDM-174 starring Konomi Futaba


Content: Facials

Note: Actress is 18+

1: Konomi is inside and sitting down the the floor wearing a red kimono. They ask her a few questions and hand her a vibrator. She doesn't know what to think of it or probably how to use it, so some older woman shows her how to use it for a few seconds. Konomi figures it out and takes over and the first man cums onto her hair. The rest of the men cum all over her face for the rest of the scene. This scene is very good and the facial is really messy! After she is done with her scene they give her some money and she walks down to a store and buys something to drink. All while she has cum hanging off her face everywhere. Out on the street you can even notice some nasty dried cum all over her face.

2: Here she is wearing a yellow t-shirt and a short skirt. She kneels down and gives lots of men blowjobs and some of them cum onto her face and in her mouth. A lot of the cum falls down onto her skirt. In the first two scenes Konomi has sort of an assistant. In this scene she will push konomi's head while she's giving a guy a blowjob. As if she didn't know what to do or something.

3: She's completely nude for this scene. Her arms are tied behind her back and she's sitting on a bean bag. Her assistant uses a black vibrator on her while holding her head in the direction of the flying cum. She receives another messy facial the entire scene.

4: Very short scene here. She is sleeping on a bed wearing a blue robe. A man walks in while she's sleeping and undresses her and then cums onto her face.

5: They sure don't take long to get going in this scene. She's just in her underwear for a few seconds and then she takes it all off. She has sex with some guy and as she's bouncing up and down on him everyone gives her a messy facial. At the end they do switch to doggy-style for a few seconds. Once they're done they make her sit in a chair and everyone pisses on her for a long time. Her eyes are all red when she's done.

6: While she's in her school uniform she has sex with some face in the missionary position while she gets a messy facial.

This movie is near perfect in my opinion. I really can't think of many negatives about this movie. Unlike most movies, this movie contains no filler material to extend the running time. It's pretty much non-stop bukkake! The movie is about 1 hour and 45 minutes. A must own title for sure.



150 Shots of Semen
Kokoro Amano
SDDO-023 150 Shots of Semen with Kokoro Amano


Content: Gokkun, Facials

This is yet another movie that I needed to re-review. It had a bad review, terrible title and not enough screenshots were made for it. It's also pretty popular on your page, despite all this. A more accurate title for this movie would be "150 shots of Semen" and that's pretty much what it is. "SOD Special 2003" just sounds so boring!

1: For this scene she kneels down and gives men a quick blowjob and receives their cum in her mouth and she swallows it. They have a number displayed for each load.  After every few loads she will take off pieces of her clothing. If you've seen the "100 Shots of Semen" titles, this is what this scene is like.

2: For the first part of this scene she takes cumshots to all over her face while she's wearing glasses. After that she takes them mostly on her lower part of her face and in her mouth. There's a little bit of cum-play in here too.

3: She has a glass of lube and she puts some on her hands and gives each man a handjob. They cum into a glass she has and then she licks each man "clean" when she's done. After awhile a few even cum onto a mirror which she licks up. A few more men cum into a new glass and she uses that cum to brush her teeth with! She gets a big mouthful of cum and opens wide and gargles with it! She swallows it all and that's the end of this scene. By the end of this scene we're only at cumshot number 43!

4: Not much I can about this scene really. First, she has sex in the missionary position and then "doggy-style" all while receiving loads of cum in her mouth. She swallows each one of course. Sometimes she will even pull strings of cum out of her mouth with her fingers.

5: Now it's lunch time for her I guess. She enters into a room filled with men with a spoon. The men cum into her mouth and all over her chest and she will scoop up all the cum and swallow it. Very, very good scene here! She likes to show off her mouth of cum quite a lot too.

6: Here she has men cum all over her bowl of noodles and then she eats all of them.

7: The best scene in the movie by far and perhaps one of the most amazing cum swallowing scenes ever filmed!!

She sits down and holds up a milk bottle. She receives dozens of cumshots in the mouth and spits each load of cum into the bottle. By the end of the scene it's filled, not just halfway but right up to the top. She swallows the whole thing down at the end! There's one short scene after this. It's sex and some cumshots to round the total number to 150. NOTE: this movie is over 170 minutes long!


Yuriko Aikawa

SDDL-006 Secret Sperm Club with Yuriko Aikawa


Content: Gokkun

This is one of my favorite movies ever made. Actually, it's probably my #1 favorite. Is it the nastiest and most extreme movie ever? Nope. It's not like that really, but it doesn't disappoint, unless you expect too much. It's a classic bukkake cum-swallowing movie and has been around a long time. When I was new to bukkake movies, this is one of the first one i've seen along with BU-04 from Shuttle. I've owned this movie for about 5 years. It originally was released only on VHS under the ATZ line from SOD. This now comes with one extra movie on the DVD and it's DVD quality. Back in the day when I first put up my site this was a really big sellers. It'd be in the top 10 list for some months. The entire movie is very simple with no fancy sets or constumes. Just the good stuff. This one stars Yuriko Aikawa and is directed by Tatsuya Aoki, who I believe, still makes movies. Some of your favorites might be made by him/her.

Scene 1: Woman is out at night walking home while reading a book. She's not paying attention and captured by some people and taking to the "Secret Sperm Club". She wakes up and some man in front of her talks to her. I'm not sure what he says but while she's kneeling down some men come up to her and she gives them blowjobs. The first cums in her mouth and she'll show her mouthful of cum to the camera and then let it fall out of her mouth into this HUGE wine glass. More and more guys keep coming up to her and she gives them blowjobs and they cum in her mouth. After each mouthful she will empty it into the glass. A few times she will playing with the cum or swish it around in her mouth. Before she empties she mouth out into the class she'll open her mouth showing you the mouth of cum first. Once the glass gets filled and her face is all crusty from all that cum she holds up the glass and drinks it down slowly.

Scene 2: She's now in a weird position, she's leaning forward while on her knees and her hands are strapped down it looks like while some some guy sticks a vibrator up her from behind. While this happens men cum into her mouth and she swallows their cum.

Scene 3: This scene is sort of a gangbang/sex scene. She has sex with several men and probably dozens of men cum in her mouth and she will usually show the mouth of cum off or play with it for awhile.


Scene 4: She's kneeling down once again and gives a bunch of guys blowjobs and she gets their cum and does different things with it. She'll lick it up off the ground and swallow it etc. This scene is very long. As if you couldn't tell, there is a ton of closeups in this movie. That's a good thing I think. All the sets are really simple too, nothing fancy, usually just one big room with a black background.

This is one of my favorite movies and most people won't like it as much as me, but it's worth checking out for sure. There is also a 2nd movie on the disc, but I won't review that one.

Please click the catalog # for the DVD versions box cover. I've decided to display the original ATZ-001 box cover because it's much better. You'll get getting SDDL-006 though, which is two ATZ titles. The box cover on the left only displays images from ATZ-001 though. BTW you may be interested to know there was actually a remake of this movie! It's SDDM-245 starring Rina Takese! It's missing the big cum-swallowing scene though, so it just isn't as good.



100 Shots of Semen Vol. 4
Hina Uemura
SDDO-006 100 Shots of Semen Volume 4 with Hina Uemura


Content: Gokkun

1: She's dressed as a cheerleader for this scene. She kneels down in front of a line of men. She gives a blowjob to each one and they cum into her mouth or near it. Usually she will play with the cum in some way. During one part she has them cum onto her notebook and she sucks it up with a straw. In another section of this scene she has one man on each side and she takes turns blowing them. A few men later on cum onto a clear piece of plastic and she licks it up.She acts really goofy in this scene.

2: For this scene she's working as a waitress in a bar. She kneels down and each man takes turns and cums in her mouth. She shows off a few large mouthfuls and swallows each load.

3: This scene features my least favorite theme of bukkake movies. It's cum on food! Some people love watching this though. I don't hate it though. For this, she holds up a small glass and gets men to cum into it. After each man cum in it, she licks them ‘clean'.

Once she gets enough cum in the glass, she gets out her chopsticks and dips her noodles into it I guess to add extra flavoring. It looks pretty nasty, but not as bad as her desert!

Now she holds out a glass of ice cream. All the men cum on top of it and then she eats it. It looks so nasty!

4: In a bank a customer fingers her while all the employees (naked and in masks of course) watch. Soon the man has sex with her and while in the missionary and doggy-style positions she will receive a ton of cumshots into the mouth. She swallows each load of cum.

5: Dressed as a flight attendant she gets men to cum in her mouth. During parts of this scene she has a few of them cum in a glass too, but she doesn't save it up and swallows the first few loads of cum. At the end of the scene she sucks up some of the cum with a syringe and then shoots the cum all over her tongue.

6: This scene is so hot and probably the best scene of the movie so far! She's laying on a doctor's examination table fully nude with a spoon. Probably dozens of men cum all over her body and she scoops up each load of cum and she swallows it!

7: Fairly short sex scene with lots of cumshots to her mouth while she's dressed in a school uniform. At the end when they hit cumshot 100 she cheers.

At the end of the movie there are some previews of 100 Shots of Semen 1, part 2, part 3 and a cat fighting movie with Nanani Nanase. I can't imagine her ever being in one of those!




24 Hours of Semen 2
Riho Nanase
SDDM-251 24 Hours of Semen 2 starring Riho Nanase


Content: Facials, Gokkun

In this movie you have Riho Nanase taking cumshots on the face for 24 hours straight in an apartment doing regular activities. Here's some of the scenes:

  1. Cum on eyeglasses which she eventually licks clean.
  2. Dried cum all over her face while she goes grocery shopping
  3. Lots of bukkake facials
  4. Some guys cumming on her head (while standing on ladders!) and ass while she's cooking!
  5. Eating food with cum on it..for this part she has crusty dried semen all over her face!
  6. Bukkake facial and mouthful of cum during a cell phone call
  7. Use of sperm as alternate forms of hair conditioner, toothpaste, hair gel
  8. Bukkake facial while sleeping and then another when waking up


Semen Maniac 3
Ruri Anno
SDDO-014 Semen Maniac 3 starring Ruri Anno


Content: Facials, Gokkun

Since this is an old classic that doesn't sell at all ever, I felt that it deserves a new review. The old one was very basic. I did not give it an actual score last time. It's in the same series as our most popular title of all time, Semen Maniac 1 (SDDH-011/CHIE-003). This is actually part three.

1: In this short intro they have her in a room watching Semen Maniac part 1 on a big screen TV. They ask her a few questions and then she is inside a car next. She helps men by jerking them off and the men cum into a glass she holds up. Once she gets it half filled she walks out into a busy public area and then drinks it. I bet a few of the people around knew what it was!

2: She lays down and they strap her down to a bench and put a scuba mask on her face. The only problem is that it doesn't have the glass on it! Men cum into the mask over and over. There's also a small camera right next to the mask to show you all the details. After awhile the whole mask is filled up pretty well. Not up to the top, but close. She then sucks all the cum out of the mask with a hose!

3: Cum funnels!! They give her a tiny funnel and she sticks it up her...NOSE! No lie! She snorts the cum up her nose. Not my idea of fun. It looks like some of it ended up in her mouth. Nasty. They now put a mask around her entire nose and mouth. Men cum in this until they have a lot in there. I forgot to mention she's tied up during this scene.

4: During sex in the missionary position, men cum into her mouth and she saves it all up inside her mouth. At the end of the scene she opens wide to show it off and then swallows it.

5: Dildo cam for this scene! She's in red lingerie and they use a camera attached to a dildo for awhile. They can't show you external sex parts, but the inside is OK? A female helper then puts a metal thing inside her pussy to hold it open. Guess why? For me to cum in it! All the men do this until it's nearly filled up. Once it is, she sucks it all up with a long hose.

6: This might be fast forward material for some, but it's not that bad to me. They tie her up with rope and while she's upside down she gives men blowjobs. Probably just very uncomfortable to say the least! It doesn't look painful or anything like that. They end up shooting cum all over her pussy and sometimes on her face.

This is actually not as nasty as part one or part two. Part two grosses me out because of the food eating scene. This is the second best in the series. Part two is third best. Part one is the #1 best, despite it being a bit gross at times.


Semen Maniac 5
Yuka Ohsawa
SDMS-776 Semen Maniac 5 with Yuka Ohsawa


Content: Facials, Gokkun

This appears to be a new "Semen Maniac" title. Since it's the latest one in the series, i'll just call it part 5. I'm not a huge fan of the series, but I do like a few scenes in part one. Part four is nearly unwatchable to me.

1: Men cum on top of her salad. That's perhaps the worst food item for this? Why? You can't see it. Maybe that's a good thing! Next, she eats a strawberry with semen on it and then drinks some tea. Now she eats a sandwich with cum all over it. The last item just looks like rice.

2: She starts out by rubbing her pussy while men cum on her tits. After awhile she switches to a massager and lots of men giver her a facial. She takes a few shots in the mouth as well.

3: In this scene she has her hands strapped up so she can not use them. She also has a collar around her neck and men have her give them blowjobs. Towards the end they scoop up the slobber/sperm on the floor and she drinks it.

4: This one isn't as bad as it sounds. They have her tied up with rope and she's hanging upside down. Men will then cum all over her pussy.

5: A power tool with a dildo attached to it is used on her. After that she drinks her own cream-pie out of a glass and then gives a man a blowjob. During sex, men will cum in her mouth. At the end of the scene, lots of men will cum on her eyes while she keeps them open. I don't know if any actually went in her eyes like in part one and two, so you'll have to check the screenshots. This part may gross some people out, but it's not that bad to me.


Miyu Okano
SDDM-137 starring Miyu Okano


Content: Facials

Completely forgot I didn't have this one! Tried to find it about a year ago but it was out of production so I couldn't obtain it on DVD. These titles are really good. Most of them contain peeing in them, but it's easy to fast forward through that stuff if you prefer not to watch it.

Scene 1: She's kneeling down and uses a vibrator on herself while she gets a messy facial. After that she gets some money and walks down to the store while sperm is hanging off her face.

Scene 2: She's kneeling down again and gives a guy a blowjob, soon she gives even more men blowjobs. She usually gives them handjobs after that and they cum onto her face.

Scene 3a: Very short scene, not my favorite type though. Two men tape her mouth closed and tape her hands together and then cum on her face.

Scene 3b: She's sitting on a large red bean bag with her hands tied behind her bag. Men cum on her face over and over.

Scene 4: For this one she has sex while she is showered with semen. It's really messy. Pretty good scene here.

Scene 5: Another scene with sex and a messy facial.



Semen Gokkun
SDDL-062 Semen Gokkun series


Content: Gokkun, Lesbian Bukkake

Preview A

Preview B


This is one of my favorite movies ever. It was in the old "Semen Gokkun" series from SOD back in the day, with the VHS catalog numbers of ATZ-001 to ATZ-013. Very few Japanese bukkake fans will remember those titles, but they were the BEST and still are. They were also made in the 90's! The second movie of this DVD has one of the best lesbian cum-swapping scenes EVER put on film and it's still one of the best!

1: Woman wakes up in a jail cell and then licks a man's ass and then gives him a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she pulls his cum out of her mouth with her fingers and then blows a few more men, shows off their cum in her mouth and then slowly lets it fall out of her mouth onto her hand and of course sucks it back up. She blows even more men, takes their cum in her mouth and swishes it around and then plays with it a bit with her fingers and then swallows it down.

2: Man uses a vibrator on her, has sex with her and cums on her face. She spits the cum into her hand and then swallows it. Very short scene.

3: She has her hands strapped together and her own underwear is put over her head. With that on her head men cum all over her mouth until her underwear on her head is all soaked with cum. She licks at it with her tongue.

4: Two girls in this scene. Each one gives one man a blowjob. The first girl on the left receives a load of cum while the girl in the right gets the same. The girl on the left shows off her mouthful of cum and then spits it out into the other girls mouth. Some of it is all over her chin and cheek so she licks it clean. The one on the right now spits it out into the other girls mouth. That girl now spits it out into her hand slowly, sucks it back up and then spits it out again. The two of them now shared all that cum between the two of them by sucking it up yet again. That's one large mouthful of cum.

The one on the right shows off her mouth of cum again. The one on the left probably can't even open her mouth without it all falling out! The one on the right opens very wide and gets her mouth COMPLETELY filled with cum. So much so that her mouth is overflowing with cum and some of it runs out and they're laughing about it. The camera angles for this scene are really good and make it even better. The one on the left sucks up some of the cum. They both now have an equal amount of cum in their mouth and show it off to the camera. The cum is all white and foamy and probably some of the largest mouthfuls of cum I've seen in a movie. Anyway, this scene gets my vote for the hottest lesbian cum-swapping scene ever made! MM-15 from MVG and this are probably tied actually.

5: Sex with a man and some more cum-swaping.

I'm going to go quick with the 2nd movie! Just a quick idea of what's in it:

1: Police officer receives loads of cum in the mouth and spits it out into her hand. Gives men blowjobs through a jail cell and plays with their cum over and over.

2: Cum funnels! She's strapped down to an examination table and a vibrator is used on her while she receives cum in her mouth through a funnel! Man has sex with her and she gets a few more cumshots.

3: Gives a lot more men blowjobs and spits their cum into her hands after each load and plays with it.

4: She's topless and men cum in her mouth and she lets all the cum fall out of her mouth so it turns down the front of her and over her tits and onto the floor. I really liked this scene.



Semen Final
Rina Takese
SDDO-020 Semen Final with Rina Takese


Content: Gokkun, Lesbian Bukkake

1: This scene is really long! It's about 23 minutes. Rina Takese is sitting on a sofa and two other women enter the room and sit next to her. They get out a razor and shaving cream and shave off all her pussy hair! Once that's done all the men cum onto where her hair once was. After each guy cums onto her one of the women sucks their dick clean and then licks up the cum and spits it into rina's mouth and she swallows it. She sure doesn't have problems with swallowing cum in any of her movies! This goes on for a long time and then she has her legs in the air and lots of men take turns and cum onto her asshole. One girl licks it up and again spits it into rina's mouth. Rina usually plays with the cum while it's inside her mouth and then swallows.

2a: Rina is standing in the middle of the same two from the other scene. Men cum into the mouths of the two sitting near rina and then she empty their mouth of cum into Rina mouth. This goes on for a bit. When Rina gets a large mouthful of cum she swishes it around for a bit and then even lets a big glob of cum fall out of her mouth and just as you think it will fall out she sucks it back up somehow. Towards the end of this first part rina even receives a cumshot or two onto her tongue and in her mouth.

2b: This is the same scene as 2a, but I decided to split it up. Here the two women on each side of rina give blowjobs to men and let them cum in their mouth. They spit out each load of cum they receive into a tall wine glass that rina is holding up. Once they get enough cum into it rina swallows it down. First though she empties it all out into her mouth, gargles a little bit, shows it off and even appears to make a few large bubbles with it!

3: Very short scene. Starts out with all three giving a blowjob, some sex and then some cum-swapping at the end.

4: In a school classroom one girl receives cumshots into the mouth and empties each and every one in rina's mouth. She brushes her teeth with all that cum. Once she has enough she opens her mouth and swishes it around a bit and then swallows.

5: Lesbian scene here to start off. One girl licks rina's pussy, then sits on her face and then they 69. Girl does her with a strap-on while men cum into Rina's mouth.

6: All three are back in this scene. Just some lesbian stuff to start things off and then each one takes turns receiving cum-shots in the mouth. Some of them they play with while it's in their mouth, usually by swishing it around using their tongue. This scene runs on a very long time. It's really hard to make this scene sound good. It's way better than you'd expect.

This is another one that back in the day I passed on getting for some many times. It looked terrible based on the box covered but was so surprised at how good it was when I actually saw it. This is yet another one of those titles I decided to finally review and take screenshots.

This is one of Rina Takese's best movies. I really haven't decided yet,  but maybe it's her 3rd best movie. She doesn't seem to do facials much, so be sure to check out the Dream Woman DX title she did!



Yuka Ohsawa
SVDVD-063 with Yuka Ohsawa

Content: Gokkun, Facials

1: She is held up in the air by the man on the left and the one on the right uses a massager on her and she squirts up into the air and all over the camera! They then hold her upside down while she gives one man a blowjob and he licks her pussy. I don't think i've seen that before in years.
One man has sex with her in the doggy-style position, but she's completely up off the ground and leaning forward to give the second man a blowjob. Next, she's laying on a mattress and the man rubs her pussy really fast and she squirts all over the place and she soaks the sheets with all her liquid. The rest of the scene is all sex.

2: They use about six massagers on her all at once. I swear if she had not of been with her ass up in the air at an angle she put have squirted all over her own face. It just shoots up into the air like a water fountain. For this scene they use a dildo and all those massagers on her.

3: This scene was extremely good I thought. It starts out with sex, but it's not boring and actually worth watching. After awhile they start to give her a very messy facial. It's a good one and she will usually spit out a mouthful of cum onto a spoon and then suck it back up and then swallow it. They did this probably a half a dozen times or more.

By the end of the scene here eyes almost look red and some of the cum looks like it dried on her face! The next part I was totally not expecting. All the men stand around her and then pee on her. I'm not much into pee movies, but I did like one scene from a 666 Betty movie called "Los! Piss Ab!". Sorry, I don't sell it, but it's easy to find. This movie felt like it was made years ago when the Idol Semen series came out. In fact, it feels like an Idol Semen movie in some ways. Nanami Nanase's Idol Semen movie had bukkake plus a pee scene in it.





Semen Gokkun Vol. 2
Yuriko Aikawa
SDDL-019 Semen Gokkun Volume 2 with Yuriko Aikawa


Content: Gokkun

This is a favorite movie of mine. I had it on VHS a long time ago and wanted it on DVD but couldn't find it anywhere since it's not being sold anymore new. Searched around for about 6 months and finally found it somewhere. Finally, the last Semen Gokkun title! If you didn't know, the Semen Gokkun titles are compilations of one of the best cum swallowing/cum-play titles ever, the ATZ series. If you've been watching bukkake for a long time i'm sure you're aware of those movies and might still have them on VHS like me. Anyway, if you liked SDDL-006, i'm sure you'll like this. This one also has Yuriko Aikawa in it.

Movie 1 / ATZ-005

Scene 1: Yuriko has her friend suck the cum out of a bunch of guys while she's underneath her with a cum funnel. Of course all the cum runs out of the other girls mouth into that funnel. Yuriko Aikawa collects it all for awhile and then a few bunch start shooting their cum into it. Then she gets a big mouthful of it and then swallows it all. How often do you see a cum funnel scene? Not often. I'm only aware of about 3 others that exist! One is in SDDL-029 (the best one there is EVER).

Scene 2: The two of them give two guys a blowjob and then they cum-swap back and forth for awhile and then swallow. Very short scene.

Scene 3: Now it's sort of like an orgy scene. Two girls and 4 men. Yuriko licks cum off the other girls ass and the other licks cum off her body too. Eventually there is some cum-swapping.

Scene 4: One girl gives some guy a blowjob while Yuriko licks his ass! She empties his cum into a glass and then Yuriko swallows it down. After this there is some cum-play. Cum is put into a syringe and then emptied into Yuriko's mouth as well.

Movie 2

I won't review every scene in this one. The basic theme of this one is cum swallowing. The first part has her giving some guy a blowjob and then she plays with his cum and swallows it. Later on she is sitting down and a dozen or more men cum in her mouth and she swallows that. More swallowing after that as well.





One Week with only Semen
Nanami Nanase
SDDM-010 One Week with Only Semen with Nanami Nanase


Content: Gokkun

In this movie she lives in an apartment and lives on just semen for an entire week. I don't think that's really true or the whole point of the movie, but I'm not sure. Maybe it is!

1: She arrives to the apartment and enters a room filled with men sleeping in bunk beds. She jerks off over eight men while playing with their balls and she gets them all to cum inside a large beaker. Once she's collected her "food" she smells it and then swallows it down.

2: Here it's another day and she's dressed in what looks like a nurses uniform. For this scene she again gives all the men handjobs until they cum in her collection beaker. One actually actually gets to touch her breasts. There's no sex or no blowjobs, darn. Once she's done she swallows all the cum from the glass.

3: Another day.. I think this is day four? Finally, she gives all the men blowjobs and they cum in her mouth. She sometimes will open her mouth to show the cum, but she of course swallows each and every load of cum.

4: They have a calendar up and it looks like they were on day three for this scene. She gives a few men blowjobs and gets into a ‘69' position for the last man. No nudity at all though. A few shots of her mouth filled with cum.

5: Another day..and more handjobs. She collects their cum and then a bunch of other men stand in a line to dump their semen into her glass. At the end they collected the cum out of fifteen men. She slowly swallows the contents of the glass and she looks a bit disgusted and then they all clap for doing such a great job I guess.

6: In another room she swallows the cum of about seven men. She gives them blowjobs here, nothing much else to describe. She seemed kind of unhappy and out of it in this scene, I don't blame her. I think she was just tired though.

7: Very similar scene here, but this time you can see that she has changed her costume several times. Some blowjobs, handjobs and her swallowing each load. I believe it was another seven here, with her swallowing them one at a time.

8: She's back in the bunk bed room and gives men more blowjobs and swallows their cum. She's now done with her one week of semen.





Sayaka Tsutsumi
SDDM-153 with Sayaka Tsutsumi


Content: Facials

1: She is sitting down and using a vibrator on herself while men give her a messy facial. Once she is done with the facial she goes outside in public with all the cum all over her face and clothing and goes shopping!

2: While kneeling down men walk up to her one by one, drop their pants and receive a blowjob from her. They each cum onto her face, mostly around the mouth.

3: Quick scene of a man cumming on her face while she is sleeping.

4: With her hands tied with red rope, men cum onto her feet, legs, chest and head.

5: Best scene of the movie right here I think. She's on top of a man in the cowgirl position while men cum all over her face. At the end of the scene in a different area, men pee on her.

6: During sex in missionary men give her another facial.








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