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Japanese Adult DVDs (All Sex) - Our Main catalog. We suggest starting here.
Lesbians - Movies with Lesbian women sex (All Girl)
Bondage & BDSM - Movies with Bondage, BDSM, S&M, Rope Bondage etc.
Lactation - Lactating movies with women spraying or squirting breast milk from their tits. Can be solo or during sex.
Futanari - Real lesbian women with a realistic looking fake dick or strap-on. Most contain no men.
Mature - Movies featuring Older ladies and Mature woman.
Gokkun - A sorted list of movies featuring Massive cum swallowing scenes.

Japanese Bukkake - Movies featuring cum drinking (gokkun), cum covered faces (facials) and anything involving semen or sperm.

You can find many more sorted into subcategories:



MVG (M's Video Group)


SOD (Soft on Demand)

Idea Pocket


Dream Ticket

Milky Cat


Milky Princess


Help Pages:

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions (how to order etc)
Bulk Ordering - How to order using only catalog numbers. Keep a text list and take your time browsing.
How to Order - We wrote this for those who are not that good at using a computer. Step-by-step instructions with photos. We can also help by Email.


Actress Filmography:


Rina Hatsume
Mikako Abe
Kagami Shuna
Hinata Seto
Konomi Futaba
Mimi Yazawa