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Nami Hoshino


1: A messy cumshot on the face after a blowjob.

2: She sits on a man's face, they have sex and she gets another messy cumshot on the face.

3: In a classroom she gives blowjobs and gets a messy facial.

4: She gets a cumshot in the mouth, shows it off in her mouth and then spits it out into her hand.

5: Sex and then one cumshot on the face.

added 3-21-15


Yuma Asami

1: She gives about five men blowjobs and they give her a facial.

2: After sex she jerks a man off and then licks his cum off his stomach. She shows it off in her mouth and then swallows.

3: Here it's sex and a cum-shot on the face.

4: After a blowjob she sucks cum out of her hands then talks with a mouthful of cum in her mouth. No swallowing.

5: It's sex and some cumshots to the lower part of her face.

added 3-21-15


China Miyu

1: In a classroom, she's the teacher and gives one man a blowjob and eight other men give her a facial.

2: During sex and while wearing glasses, she gets a facial while in the missionary position.

3: Really messy facial while she leans against and a chair and uses a small vibrator.

4: Men feel her up and then rubs oil all over her body. While she uses a vibrator she gives men blowjobs.

5: Just sex and yet another pretty good facial.

6: She gives man a blowjob while rubbing her tits. Soon the man shoots his cum all over her face. Oops. I thought it ended there, but a few others do the same thing!

7: Long sex scene along with a facial.

S1 seems to make really high quality movies! Comparable to titles by Idea Pocket. I'd give this a solid 9. Mainly because I saw nothing bad about the movie at all and liked every scene.

Hinata Hikaru


1: After using a pink vibrator she gets a messy cum-shot all over the face.

2: Man fingers and licks her pussy and then she has sex with him until she gets a messy cum-shot all over the face.

3: She gets another messy single cum-shot to her face after giving a blowjob. Despite being only a single cum-shot they're very messy.

4: Her and a man do a 69 and then it's more sex and a cum-shot. This time it's even more messy. It looks like a bunch of glue all over her face.

5: Another blowjob and messy cum-shot to the face.

6: Sex along with a cum-shot at the end.

Kaya Yonekura


1: Quick blowjob followed by him shooting his cum all over her face.

2: Man fingers her and then uses a small toy on her while a group of men take turns cumming onto her face. This is very, very messy! The facial scene is one of the best I've seen in awhile. Not bad for only the second scene!

3: She sucks on a clear colored dildo while men cum onto her tongue/mouth. Soon she just gets a facial until one man fingers her and has sex with her.

4: Very short facial scene. For being so short it's not bad. She's just sitting down on the floor for it. Not much else going on.

5: Do they have a jail cell at every porn studio in japan or something? Anyway, she enters into a jail cell filled with men and she gives a few blowjobs and some cum onto her face.

6: Dressed as a maid she gives one blowjob and then receives cumshots mainly around the outside of her mouth.

7: Just your standard sex scene here until it turns into a really messy facial on a mattress.

No swallowing, but lots of very well done facials! They remind me of the ones in some of Spermania titles. Know what I'm talking about?


Asami Yuma


1: She gives man a long handjob and he shoots his load all over her face. He actually makes her face quite messy.

2: A vibrator is used all over her body, she gives man a blowjob and has sex with him and he cums on her face.

3: A long blowjob with a fairly messy cum-shot to the face.

4: Just a regular sex scene here.

5: Man squeezes her tits and she licks his ass while he 'titty-fucks' her. I don't want her job. After that it's a blowjob with a single cumshot to the face.

6: Gives two men blowjobs and she is fingered and squirts everywhere. She has sex with them and they cum on her face.




1: Sitting down she receives many cum-shots to the face. Very good scene. Just as good as the ones found in the Spermania series.

2: In a men's bathroom she plays with herself, leans forward and receives a messy facial. Another really good scene!

3: Her hands are strapped together over her head. Some guy fingers her and licks her and then uses a dildo on her while men cum on her face. Towards the end they have sex with her as well. I can't say enough how good these facial scenes are!

4: While sucking on a clear dildo she gets cum on her face.

5: She gives men blowjobs and they cum around on her mouth and then she licks the camera.

6: Starts out with some foreplay and then sex and the best facial in the movie by far!

7: Quick last and final blowjob scene with a cum-shot.

Probably ONE of the best bukkake/facial movies


S1 ONED-199


1: She has a man on each side of her. She gives them blowjobs and they cum on her face.

2: Sitting down in a men's bathroom using a vibrator she receives a facial.

3: Man sticks his fingers up her and then they have sex. During sex she receives the messiest facial in the movie yet!

4: She gives men blowjobs and lets them cum on her face.

5: Yet even more facials! Seriously, the facial scenes in this movie are even better than those found in Dream Woman 54!

6: More and more facials. No "filler-filled" scenes to found anywhere in this movie!

7: Laying down she receives a facial while having sex. Short blowjob scene after this.

If you like the Dream Woman series you'll love this movie. The facial scenes in this movie are very, very good.


ONED-156 (2)


1: Cumshot to the face and then her talking to the camera.

2: What seems like dozens of men  cum onto her tongue and she swallows most of it. This scene is pretty good.

3: While she's blindfolded, a man uses a vibrator on her and then fingers her. She gives the man a quick blowjobs and they have sex. Everyone cums on her face and at the end I bet she has problems seeing because there's lots of cum all over her eyelashes etc.

4: She sucks on a dildo and rubs it while getting a facial. This facial is very, very good. Every single one in this movie is good so far!

5: Starts out with foreplay, then some sex and a cumshot.

6: Sitting down on the floor in the office, she receives another amazing facial.

7: She receives loads of cum all over the tongue and swallows them all. Yet another very good scene.

8: Starts out bad. It nearly put me to sleep because theres too much foreplay, but it got way, way better! The end of the scene contains one of the best facials of the movie by far!

9: Short scene that ends with a cumshot.

This movie is extremely good and very long. It's two discs! I was soooo close to giving this one a very rare 10, seriously. What held me back from that is that I really don't like the actress that much. She's just average looking to me, but that definitely doesn't ruin it. It also does have a lot of content in it that could have been shortened. The facial scenes are so good though, so I didn't care. Lately I've been so impressed by all the S1 titles I've listed. If they keep it up, they've got Moodyz beat. Most Moodyz titles lately have only been average it seems. I'd definitely recommend getting this!


Akane Mochida


Scene 1: Very, very messy facial scene. Really good one.

Scene 2: In a school classroom she takes even more cum on the face!

Scene 3: Sex+facials.

Scene 4: While her hands are behind her back the whole time she gives men blowjobs and then a dozen or so men cum in her mouth.

Scene 5: Yet another facial scene here.

Scene 6: ...and yet another one. By far the messiest facial scene in the movie yet.


S1 ONED-924


1: She kneels down and rubs a man's dick all over her nipples and then puts it between her tits. She gives him a blowjob and he cum all over her face. For only one person, it's pretty messy.

2: Man rubs and plays with her tits for what seems like forever, he fingers her and then she gives him a blowjob. After this it's sex and a cumshot to the face.

3: Lots of foreplay here along with a blowjob/cumshot.

4: She has a man on each side of her and takes turns blowing each one of them.

5: She gets fingered, gives a blowjob and then has sex.



1: Three men feel her up and fingers her and she gives two men blowjobs and handjobs. They have sex with her and cum on her face.

2: Lots of sex toys are used on her as well as a large massager.

3: Three men get to feel her up, receiving blowjobs and then have sex with her.

4: Sex and a facial.



Scene 1: Short sex scene.

Scene 2: In a classroom the teacher receives many cumshots in the mouth.

Scene 3: Now the movie is getting really good. She's now in a bar and holds a glass in her hands. She gets this filled with cum and sucks it all up and then empties her mouth out again over and over until she swallows it all.

Scene 4: Dozens of cumshots in the mouth for this scene.

Scene 5: This is probably the best scene yet. She holds up a metal pan with a dildo attached to the middle of it. She receives cumshots in the mouth and lets them all fall out onto the dildo into the metal pan. After that's all done she drinks up the cum in the pan. There was an old Nanami Kurosawa title with a scene like this. I'd love to have an original of that movie or even to know the catalog was released in the 90's by 'house guild'. Anyone have any ideas of what that title was? It's a good one!

Scene 6: For this one it's just sex and cumshots over and over.


Minami Mizuhara, Yume Shina


1: Both of them are on a sofa and two men stand next to each of them. They give the men a blowjob until they receive a cumshot on the face. The two rub some of it in and play with it a little bit.

2: Both of them are together again for this scene. They each suck on a dildo while receiving loads of cum in the mouth. At the end of the scene they sick and such each other sucks for a few seconds.

3: Just a regular sex scene here. Man uses dildo on her, she gives him a blowjob and then they have sex. That's all.

4: Another sex scene, but with the other girl this time.

5: Both of them take turns sitting on a guy's face and giving him a blowjob. One of them gets a facial during sex, then after that the other girl does as well.

6: In a classroom only one girl is here for this scene. She is fingered and then as she bouncing up and down on some guy she gets a really messy facial. This facial is so good!

7: Now the other girl gets a facial. At the end of the scene she pisses all over the place.

8: Both of them are back together for this final scene. Starts with some foreplay and then both are right next to each other and receive a facial during sex.




1: Interview along with a quick blowjob.

2: In a classroom man uses two sex toys on her and then she receives some messy cumshots to the face.

3: Standard foreplay, sex and then a cumshot.

4: While dressed as a cowboy, err cowgirl(?) she gives a man a blowjob on a roof.

5: Men cum on her face while she holds her hands up to collect the cum.

6: Sex along with a cumshot, that's about it here unfortunately.

7: Same here, but a few more cumshots towards the end.


Mako Takase


1: In a classroom she gives blowjobs to four men, one man fingers her and another has sex with her and each one gives her a cum-shot to the face.

2: Lots of men feel her up on a train and then they put oil on her and tickle her with paintbrushes and then uses massagers all over her body.

3: Oil is poured all over her and some men rub it in and she gives them blowjobs. She's fingered, has sex and then gives two men handjobs. At the end of the scene one man cums onto her forehead.

4: She walks into a bathroom and the janitor locks it up for cleaning, but instead a group of men enter it and she gives them all blowjobs and they cum onto her face.

5: Too many men in these scenes! A group of four or so finger her all at once and then use a massager on her. She gives them blowjobs, has sex with them and some of them cum on her face.


Saya Misaku


1: This is just weird. Where do they come up with this stuff? They use a fake penis and shoot fake cum out of it at a fake head. It's actually kinda funny in a way. It's mainly just a short intro scene. Soon she takes the dildo and rubs it against her pussy and then puts it inside her. Once she does that all the men cum all over her face. This facial scene is so good. Some movies I just don't like reviewing but this one is really because of liking it so much. I also noticed this movie is directed by someone who works for Moodyz or did. I liked the girl in this scene too, so that helps!

2: She starts off by kissing some guy, he licks her pussy and then fingers her and uses several toys on her. She pisses onto some paper and guy immediately licks her some more. She gives the guy a blowjob and then they have sex on top of a desk. It ends with the guy shooting his cum in her mouth and she shows off all of it on her tongue.

3: She sits down on the floor and gives men short blowjobs until they cum on her face.

4: They bring her out on a leash and she rubs her pussy for awhile and then sits down and everyone gives her a facial. This facial scene is so good! These S1 titles are getting to be almost as good as the Spermania movies.

5: We are now on disc two. This scene is just like number four and just as good! They still have the leash on her but rub lotion all over her and then give her another facial. This facial is yet again one of the best I've seen in a long, long time, maybe a month or two! Two extremely good facial scenes in this update.

6: So much fore-play to start out in this scene. There's so much that I got bored of it. Luckily the part that follows is worth the wait. She is on top of some guy and receives another good facial.

7: Her hands are strapped together and man sticks a vibrator up her. Once this is over with it's sex and yet another very good facial! Quick blowjobs and cumshot after this.

I really liked this movie a lot. Each and every facial scene is good and very well done.



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