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Azusa Ayano

nwf-264 with azusa ayano


I saved the best one to review last. Ok, I don't know if it's good yet and Wanz isn't really known for making good bukkake porn movies. Who knows, this just might be good. This stars Nozomi who was previously known as Azusa Ayano. I like her a lot more now then I did in the past! Wow, I just realized this movie has Nozomi in it AND it's in widescreen! That's a huge plus for me.

1: In a classroom two students feel up her tits and then one has sex with her. During sex she gives the second man a blowjob. She gets two cumshots in the mouth and she plays with each load by spitting it out into her hands and then sucking it back up.

2: In the hallway she gives another two men blowjobs and plays with their cum and swallows it.

3: Very good scene here. She's a teacher in a classroom and rubs her tits and pussy and then sits down to receive a ton of cumshots. One after the other and this goes on for a long time. She will show off the load in her mouth and plays with it a little by letting it fall out of her mouth and into her hand and then sucking it back up. Probably dozens of cumshots but I didn't count them. This looks like it was right out of MVSD-067 (her best bukkake movie).

4: More of the same! That's a good think considering the last scene was so good. She has sex with one man and then lots more men cum in her mouth.

5:Here she has her legs and arms strapped up and she receives a ton of cumshots in the mouth. Another very good scene!

This just doesn't compared to MVSD-067, but is still a very good movie! Why am I giving it an 8.75? It just didn't "wow" me and a movie that gets a 9/10 or higher should! We REALLY need a Dogma or Moodyz bukkake movie with her in it! I hope she does more bukkake!



Uta Kohaku

neo-017 with uta kohaku


1: In the makeup room she kneels down and gives the first man a blowjob. She jerks him off and he cums all over a clear piece of plastic she's holding up. She then plays with some globs of cum and then licks up the cum.

2: I haven't been sick to my stomach watching a bukkake movie since my first viewing of BU-04 back in 2000 or so. Have to say that the idea of this movie is rather sickening. From my understanding, fans have sent in the mail bottles of their own collected semen. If you check the screenshots you can see them opening up all those "special deliveries". One bottle seems filled up with orange type stuff. Can anyone tell me what she says and what it is? She seems disgusted by this one bottle.

2a: She invites some of the fans in and she removes a piece of her clothing and the men smell it and then get to smell her crotch. Wow, weird. No thanks. She rubs her pussy and then uses a vibrator while men pour random bottles of semen all over her.

After awhile she gives each one a blowjob and they cum in her mouth, she shows it off and then swallows it. BTW she has a pierced tongue. I don't think i've seen that in a Japanese Bukkake movie before.

3: This guy is laying on a bed with his favorite semen collection bottle. She dumps the contents into her mouth and then spits it into the man's mouth. Wow, that is so hot! Actually, kidding. Not really for me, but if that wasn't bad enough she takes a straw and blows bubble into the cum in the guys mouth. Not sure what happened with the semen because I was too busy looking away. I know that next she licks the man's nipples. I guess it could be worse. Have you heard of the Dogma movie "Vomit on Delivery"? Be glad you haven't. It's sort of similar.

While giving the man a blowjob she takes a random gulp of semen from a bottle and then spits it out onto the man's dick. I guess that helps out her blowjob skills or something. I was thinking for this guy they should have just given him one of those beer hats while she was blowing him. That way he wouldn't have to hold all those semen bottles that he loves so much. I think he was the one that requested the use of a straw. This would make him even happier! I hope I didn't give Milky Cat any new ideas. Free refills!

For the end she puts on some black glasses and he cums all over them and she licks the glasses clean.

4: For this scene she's handcuffed to a red X while wearing a thin white shirt. Men pour bottles of cum into her shirt and rub it all over her and she is eventually nude while a vibrator is used on her.

5: The guy in this scene apparently loves to pour semen on his dick while she is blowing him. While he has sex with her he pours random men's cum bottles out onto her. While she's facing him and they're licking each other a helper pours bottles of semen in between them. I wonder if that was in the script? Anyway, they continue to have sex while bottles of expired semen are poured all over her.

This movie was amusing to watch. It's like Radix was trying to top Milky Cat in the WTF department. Just the idea of someone mailing their semen is just so weird to me.





1: She's dressed up as a nurse in a pink uniform and several men cum all over her face. Some of it gets all over her glasses and she licks them clean.

2: While on an examination table, men cum all over her face. It's very messy.

3: A vibrator is used on her and then she gives men blowjobs and several of them cum on her face.

4: Another man has sex with her and then men give her another extremely messy facial.



Mirei Kazuha


fset-254 with mirei kazuha


I'm going to go quick with this review, since it's my last one and I'm tired of reviewing movies today!

1: A long sex scene that ends with a cumshot in the mouth. I KINDA like this actress and I don't know why.

2: Her and another woman kiss and then a man has to go and ruin it by walking in between them. They instead make it even worse by licking his body all over! Why?! The one on the left takes cumshots in the mouth and it's passed to the woman on the right. There must have been at least a dozen cum-shots. I lost track at number six!

3: In a bathroom she gives a man a blowjob using lots of her slobber. He cums in her mouth and she spits it into her hands and then sucks it back up. Half of it was probably her spit, but that's ok.

4: She gives lots of men blowjobs and each one cums in her mouth and she swallows it. She even plays with some of it by spitting it into her hand and sucking it back up. When she's laying down she takes a lot of cumshots in her mouth but saves all up them up until her mouth is almost full! She even does cum gargling! I haven't seen that in a long time! Of course she swallows it all down.

If this wasn't enough she then has sex and gets an extremely messy facial!

I wasn't expecting this movie to be good at all, but it's very, very good. I actually somehow thought it was a ROCKET/SOD movie. I HATE Rocket movies (usually) so i'm glad it wasn't! I actually liked this movie enough to look it up after I reviewed it. It turns out the actress was also in DJE-017 and I didn't pay much attention to her, which doesn't make any sense.



Mika Osawa


fset-276 with mika osawa


1: This scene starts off with a blowjob and then it's sex inside the kitchen that ends with a cumshot.

2: Just a quick blowjob, her showing off the cum in her mouth and then swallowing it.

3: After using her exercise bike, she gives a man a blowjob, lets the cum fall out into a glass and then sucks it back up, gargles with it and then swallows!

4: Yet another very short scene. She jerks a man off into her mouth, shows the cum in her mouth and swallows it.

5: So many super short scenes. What the heck? Here she just lays on a table and one man cums on her face!

6: Lots of lesbian cum-swapping in this scene. Mika has an assistant for this scene.

7: She takes lots of cumshots in the mouth and then gets a facial during sex. She does swallow all the cumshots.



Mika Osawa


svdvd-215 with mika osawa


What a name for a producer..."Sadistic Village". I wonder what kind of porn they make? They even have a logo of a giant fly holding an axe.

1: Mika Osawa gives a deep-throat blowjob to a seated man and she spits his cum into a glass and takes more cumshots into the mouth. She has a helper on the side. It's the long tongue women. Can't remember her name. Anyway, during the scene Mika will constantly let the cum slowly fall out of her mouth and then back into the glass. She does this a lot and shows off her huge mouthful of cum. She'll even gargle the cum and make lots of large bubbles! She swallows it all down at the end. This scene is pretty hot, but I didn't like the acting.  This amazing scene is a whole 40 minutes!! Note: there is no lesbian swapping except that she just dumps the glass of semen into her mouth.

2: Mika is fed salad, noodles and gelatin desert with semen all over it!

3: During sex she gets some cumshots in and around the mouth. The helper pushes the cum into her mouth and then pees on her at the end of the scene!

4: Long sex scene with her gettings cumshots in the mouth. Mika and her helper swap cum and kiss a little. At the end a group of men pee all over her! I think this was the only real scene with lesbian content. Needed more of it!

I liked the content, but not so much the actual theme of the movie.







1: A large group of men give her a very messy facial.

2: Men cum all over her face while she's hold up a metal pan. They empty the pan all over her face and then she gets another facial but during sex.

3: Here she gets a messy facial in a very close-up view. No blowjobs or anything which is perfectly OK!

4: While holding her hands up to the sides of her face she gets another messy facial during sex.

5: She has a plastic piece around her face and men cum into it. They take it off and continue to give her a facial. Would never have expected this from a japanese bukkake movie from "Premium"!

6: Extremely messy facial while using a vibrator.

7: Very long and boring sex scene to start, but then she gets another messy facial.



Aya Matsuki


bbi-058 with aya matsuki


1: This seems kind of wrong to do. She's a secretary in an office and her manager makes her walk along a line while carrying two drinks on a tray. The only catch is that she has a remote controller vibrator inside her. She drops them on the floor and then they both strip off their clothes. He fingers her, she gives him a short blowjob and then they have sex and he cums all over her face.

2: A vibrator is used on her while she is sitting down and then men cum all over the lower part of her face.

3: In an office again, men feel her up and then she gives all the men blowjobs. She then has sex and gets a facial.

4: While reading the boss's shedule, she gives him a blowjob, has sex with him for awhile and gets a very messy facial. Lots of really messy cum-shots.


PGD-295 - Semen Glitter
Saki Kataoka




1: During what appears to be an interview, men cum on her face, starting with the top of her head.

2: While in a jail cell, she has sex while getting a facial.

3: She gets a facial while sitting on the floor and using a vibrator.

4: Yet another facial! Can't complain about that. This time it's during sex again.

5: After giving men blowjobs, they cum onto the lower part of her face.

6: One last facial during sex again.

One of the better bukkake movies i've seen by Premium






1: She gives two men blowjobs, plays with the cum with her fingers a little and swallows it.

2: Wow, this actress acts weird in this scene. As if she obsessed with human sperm and gets a thrill from the the smell and taste. Like it's some sort of drug. Don't like her acting. She just gives blowjobs here and swallows cum.

3: She has sex and takes some cumshots in the mouth.

4,5: She blows a ton of men and swallows all their cum.

6: Long sex scene with a cumshot at the end.







Super Violent Shoot 3


I love this series. I like the movie so much that I’ll give it a full review.

1: In a restaurant a bunch of men cum into the mouth of the waitress. She saves up all the cum and doesn’t swallow each load.

2: Maid swallows some cum in a glass of wine and then pisses into some other glasses. She then receives a facial.

3: Maid gets cum all over her glasses and licks them clean.

4,5: Two more quick facials.

6: Woman eats flan with cum all over it. Men then cum on her asshole and then her face.

7: Women licks man’s ass, then they stick a funnel up her ass and cum into it.

8,9: Two more maids get facials!

10: Woman has a nosehook on her and then they put a plastic device around her mouth to collect all the cum.

11: This is my favorite scene of the movie maybe. Woman wearing all black does another girl with a black strap-on dildo while holding her mouth open to receive cum. I wish I knew the name of the women in all black. She’s in so many nasty Aroma titles and a few bondage titles as well. She’s probably up there with Anna Kuramoto when it comes to doing the gross out stuff. None of that in this movie though.

12: Hooks are used on womans nose and mouth during a facial.

13: Nose hook is used on another women while her head is hanging off a bench a little for the facial.

14: Actually, now that I think of it, this may be my favorite scene. This one has my favorite Hinano Mizuki receiving a facial.

15: This one has Momoka Tabata in it. Did I get her name right? I like her a lot. Anyway, they hold her upside down and all the men cum on her.

16: While a dildo is shoved deep into her mouth, a woman receive a facial. She’s tied up too.

17: Momoka and another girl are tied together and all the men cum on them.

18: Girl has a ballgag in her mouth and men unload their cum all over the lower part of her face.

19: This scene isn’t much fun to watch. Women is tied to a ladder and they have a device in her mouth used to hold it open while they shove a dildo in it really deep. Men then give her a facial.

20: Three woman are now tied together for a facial.


Violent Shoot 30
Momo Hosino


1: While in her pajamas with her eyes closed the whole time, she has sex and gets cumshots all over the face.

2: She has her hands strapped up and she has a ball-gag in her mouth while men cum around her mouth.

3: While in a blue swimsuit she kneels down and gives men blowjobs and they cum in her mouth. She spits out the cum into her hands, sucks it back up and swallows it. I really like this actress. I don't even know who it is yet.

4: With her ass up in the air, men cum all over her asshole.

5: She's kissing another woman and then men cum onto their faces and they swap cum and lick it off each other's faces.

6: During sex she gets one last facial.

I really liked this one a lot. It's very well made and there's no really bad scenes.


Violent Shoot 29
Senna Kurosaki



1: In a bathroom she takes a cumshot on the face and then goes out into the streets and into a store with the cum still on her face!

2: She helps a few men cum in her mouth and then she plays with the cum using her fingers.

3: She jerks off men and has them cum on her food and then she eats it.

4: During sex she gets a facial.

5: With her ass up in the air, lots of men cum on her asshole.

6: While dressed as a teacher she gets cumshots all over her glasses while she's wearing them and then even a litle on her face.

7: During sex it's one last facial.

I really like Senna and I need to get all her other bukkake movies!)

Violent Shoot 27

I was looking for older bukkake movies I did not have on my website and came across this title. It's starring Riho Nanase and it's a very good bukkake series.

1: Riho is on a bed wearing some pajamas and a man strips them off her and has her give him a blowjob. The man has sex with her and men give her a messy facial.

2: Here she brushes her teeth with cum!

3: Men cum in her coffee and on her sandwich.

4: While she gives a man a blowjob, men cum on her head and she walks outside in the street and goes shopping with nasty cum all over her hair.

5: Men cum in her mouth and all over her tongue, it falls onto her hand and she licks it up.

6: She's tied to a table in an office with a ball gag in her mouth while men cum onto her face. Some wax is also dripped on her body and a dildo is also used on her.

7: While her ass is up in the air and a vibrator is used on her, men cum all over her asshole.

8: During sex she gets a messy facial.

I'm so glad I found this movie, it's very good!


Violent Shoot 25


1: On a roof men will cum in her mouth and she will swish it around, show her mouthful of cum and swallow. The last part has her first slowly letting the cum fall out into her hands until she sucks it up.

2: While wearing glasses she gets a messy facial during sex. Lots of globs of cum all over her glasses.

3: A man sticks two fingers up her ass and then a dildo until men just cum all over her asshole while a vibrator is used on her pussy. For this scene her ass is up in the air the entire time.

4: A dildo is used on her while men cum on her while she has a red ball gag in her mouth.

5: She jerks off men until they cum onto her hand and she licks it off.

6: Lots of men cum all over her face during sex.


Nao Oikawa


Someone suggested this title to me a few months ago and I didn’t even realize I had it. It just wasn’t listed.

1: While kneeling down in between two drunks she gets a few cumshots to the face. A man hands her some money and she walks into a store to buy something, probably with that cum still all over her face!

2: While dressed as a maid she gets a load of cum in her mouth and then plays with it with her fingers.

3: Another cumshot followed with some cum-play for this scene and scene 4.

5: While wearing some bondage gear and a ball gag in her mouth she receives cumshots around the mouth and has sex.

6: Men cum all over her legs while she rubs her pussy.

7: Lots of really short scenes in this one. During this scene men cum all over her asshole.

8: Man fingers and licks her pussy while she gets a facial. She gives him a blowjob and then they have sex. She receives a few more cumshots to the face as well.




1: Outside women gives blowjobs and each man cums on her face. During the second part of this you can see dried cum all over her face. For the last part of this scene they have another women in it for more blowjobs.

2: Woman lays on a table and receives cumshots to the face while using a double ended dildo on herself.

3: With her head hanging below a desk, men give her a messy facial.

4: They put some weird device around this woman’s mouth and then cum into it.

5: Two women receive loads of cum in the mouth and spit it onto another woman’s face that is laying down. At the start of the scene she received a small facial.


Super Violent Shoot 14
sld-033 audaz


1: First man plugs her nose and then cums in her mouth. More men do the same and then she has a lot of cum in her mouth. She shoes it off for a very long time.

2: Gives several men blowjobs and they cum in her mouth. She spits the cum into a cup and then sucks the cum out of the cup and shows off her mouthful of cum.

3: Dressed as a maid she gets a facial outside.

4: Another quick and messy facial here.

5: Sex and then a few cumshots to the face. At the end they inject some cum into her ass.

6: Orgy scene here. During sex all three get lots of cumshots all over them.


Violent Shoot 3


1: She gives two men blowjobs and then uses their cum to brush her teeth.

2: Outside in public she gives a man a blowjob. They’re a little far from view since they’re on some stairs. After that the guy uses a vibrator on her while they’re in a van and driving through the city with the window open. She even gives him a blowjob.

3: In a restaurant she gives man a blowjob in a bathroom and then back outside she spits his cum onto her desert.

4: She gives blowjobs to lots of men and they each cum in her mouth.

5: Regular scene scene here but they cum inside her so I guess it has that “creampie” theme for this scene.

6: She gives blowjobs during lunch.

7: Few quick blowjobs here. She spits the cum out into her hand.

8: After receiving blowjobs, men cum all over her chest.


Violent Shoot 8
psd+024 audaz


1: This first scene is about 30 minutes long. It starts with her giving a blowjob to two men and then the rest of the scene is her having sex and then having men cum on pretty much every part of her body.

2: While a large vibrator is used on her, she receives cumshots on and around the mouth.

3: Scene with her in a school uniform. Lots of different things going on in this scene. Not much bukkake though.

4: Regular sex scene here and only one cumshot in the entire scene.

5: During sex, lots of men cum on her chest and face.


Violent Shoot 6
sld-017 audaz


1: Nanami Kurasawa gives blowjobs to lots of men and then spits their cum out into a a glass. At the end she swallows it.

2: Women with glasses receives a few cumshots to the face.

3: Lots of deep blowjobs followed by cumshots to the face.

4: More of Nanami Kurasawa. During sex she gets some cumshots to the face and mouth while wearing glasses.

5: Women gets men to cum on top of her desert (flan) and then they cum all over her asshole. She then has sex and gets a small facial.

6: While tied up, women receives a facial.

7: Lesbian scene here. Nanami Kurasawa licks cum off a girls asshole and then two of them lick cum off one girl’s body. After that it’s sex and some facials.


Violent Shoot Omnibus 1

I’m not going to give this one a regular review. The whole movie is really just a compilation of sex scenes along with facials. I will take a few screenshots though.

Violent Shoot Omnibus 3
pssd-022 audaz


1: Gangbang scene here. She has sex with lots of men and gives them all blowjobs and they cum in her mouth and all over her body.

2,3: Facials during scene for these two scenes.

4: Another facial scene, but this one is even more messy than the previous ones.

5,6: Just your regular sex scene with some cumshots to the face. They are facials, but not very messy.

7,8: Facial during sex for these scenes too.

9: While dressed in a santa costume this girl gets the messiest facial yet in the movie.

10: While sitting on some guys face she gives two men blowjobs, has sex and receives a facial.


Violent Shoot 33
psd-102 audaz


1: She gives several men blowjobs and they cum onto her face. At the end she spits it down and plays with it a bit.

2: Here she’s laying on a bed in her gym clothes. I guess it’s supposed to be a schoolgirl theme here. Her hands are tied up and she gives blowjobs to lots of men. After each cumshot she will spit out into her hands. She does this for awhile but does eventually swallow them. It’s a rather long scene.

3: While doing her school work she gets bored with it and starts rubbing herself and pulls out a vibrator to use. She still has her glasses on and men cum all over her face and the glasses. She licks them clean at the end.

4: She lifts her ass into the air on a bed and puts a glass underneath it. Men cum onto her ass and the cun will fall onto the plate. She then licks all the cum up off the plate. Pretty creative. Something I haven’t seen in a bukkake movie before!

5: For some reason I really like most scenes with the pink nurses uniform. This is one of them. Here she has sex and during this receives a very messy facial. At the end she will play with the cum somewhat by spitting it out and then sucking it back up.


I really liked this one. It has some really good stuff in it. I forgot to review this one 3 updates ago somehow! The Violent Shoot series is really good. I suggest checking out more of them if you can. I’m going to give this one an 8.5/10. I really don’t have many negatives to come up with for this movie.


Marina Mayuzumi
sld-037 audaz


1: Some quick blowjobs followed by cumshots and her licking the cum off her hand. Nothing that great, but it's just the first scene.

2: Yes, it's the girl I really like from Semen Race Queens. I almost never see her in random movies. Somehow she goes by another name in this movie. She's in the kitchen and receives cumshots from a few men. So-so scene. Oh well.

3: While reading something, she receives loads of cum and then spits them out onto a mirror and then licks it back up.

4: Another scene with the girl from Semen Race Queens. This one is much better. She blows a bunch of men and they cum all over her mouth area. It's much messier than her other scene. She even brushes her teeth with cum at the end!

5: This one is just plain sex during a facial.

6: Geez, another scene with Hinano. Can't complain about that! While wearing a black swimsuit she receives a facial.

7: One girl receives a facial while the other licks her face clean. After that they both get cumshots to the face. At the end one sucks girl out of the other's mouth with a straw!

Note: This movie is so old (but good) that I couldn't even find a box cover. Please send it to me if you can find one. Thanks.


Violent Shoot 36
Mai Sakashita


1: While sitting down she uses a vibrator while men cum on her face. Very good and messy scene.

2: Gives someone a handjob until they cum on top of a clear piece of plastic. She plays with the stringy cum with her fingers and then licks it up. Following this she gives three men blowjobs and plays with their cum and swallows it.

3: Starts out with a quick blowjob and then it's sex during a messy facial.

4: On some stairs she receives a facial. They even cum on her ass a little bit at the end of the scene.

5: She strapped down and they pour slimey liquid over her body and rub it in and then cum inside her mouth.

6: Here she's wearing a school uniform and has sex while men cum on her face.

Very good movie!


Violent Shoot 32


Haven't checked out any of these movies in awhile it seems. They were always pretty good, especially Super Violent Shoot 3 and 4.

Scene 1: She's sitting down outside in front of traffic and people are walking around on the sidewalk. While interviewing her, a few men cum on her head. All in public, ok a little away from it but you can see them on camera still. After this she walks down to the store with semen on her head and buys a few things. I guess she couldn't wait!

Scene 2: She's tied up with red rope and has a ballgag in her mouth. Men cum on her face while some guy sticks a vibrator off it. At the end she takes off the ballgag and licks it and plays with the cum a little bit.

Scene 3: Guy sticks a small vibrator up her ass, takes it out, cums on her ass and then sticks it back in! More men cum on her ass and they repeat this for awhile.

Scene 4: She gives lots of men handjobs until they cum on her lunch. Once she gets their cum on her food she eats it.

Scene 5: While fingering herself men cum on her face.

Scene 6: Dressed up in a santa costume she goes walking outside on the streets. Some guy picks her up and brings her into a room where they have sex and cum on her face. This is a really long scene.

I really liked this one. It's probably pretty old but good and I really liked the girl in it. She's the one from Semen Maniac #4. I didn't like her in that movie much because they made her appear to be in distress or something. Not my type of thing.



Violent Shoot 40
Uehara Miki


Scene 1: While doing an interview she uses a small pink vibrator on herself while men cum on her face.

Scene 2: Ok, this is just plain weird. She uses something to make all this weird goop fall onto her head. It looks like some sort of cheese grater or something?! This is out in public too. I don't get this scene.

Scene 3: They're now in some really old building. She kneeling down and men come up to her and she gives them handjobs and they cum on her face. After awhile there's some really rough blowjobs.

Scene 4: Ok, this scene is just so sick and wrong to me. I guess bugs are pretty tasty to some people, but not me and I find that disgusting. Anyway, I didn't take any screenshots of this scene. She....eats...bugs..with cum on them. What's this world coming to..just kidding. I'll pass on the bug eating porn.

Scene 5: Messy facial scene +sex here. After that she goes running down the street with cum on her face and a sign on her.

Scene 6: She's in a wheel chair and tied up with red rope. Soon she's on the ground and men cum on her body (not on her face). Eventually they all piss on her. The pissing scene isn't anything that good and it even looks faked.

Scene 7: Sex with lots of cumshots all over the face. Hard to take screenshots of this scene.


ASD-001 Sperm Angel
Yu Tsutsumi


This one seems to have sort of a schoolgirl theme to it (over 18!). The intro made the movie seem pretty good!

Scene 1 has her in a classroom. They cum in her mouth and around in and on her face as well. Then they have sex.

Scene 2: This is something new i've never seen in a bukkake movie..she's in a bath tub while men cum on her face. Lots of cumshots in this scene. Some of the cum falls into the water and she scoops it up and examines it. I think during this scene she was getting into her role a little too much. Acting as if it was so much doing the scene.

Scene 3: When a girl in a movie is happy and smiling and not all sad and depressed in a bukkake movie that's a plus for me. She definitely is in this scene. She's in school and kneeling down while holding up a piece of plastic. Men cum onto it and she licks it up. She even will hold up a small glass to collect semen. This scene is really, really good. At the end she swallows this glass of cum.

Scene 4: She's sleeping on a bed wearing a swimsuit. Some men come in and cum on her swimsuit, then cut a hole in it and have sex with her. After this in another part of the scene they all cum on her boobs and in her mouth which she collects in a jar but doesn't swallow. Too bad.

Wait, I think that jar of semen is back in scene 5. That scene starts out with her next to a bed just after waking up. It's a facial scene and all that extra stuff goes into the glass jar. Next she's in a bathroom with some of it and rubs semen all over her face after sucking it up with her mouth. That's it, she doesn't swallow at all in this last scene. Kind of a disappointment, but the movie is still really good!



Violent Shoot 30
not known



This is PSD+092 of the Violent Shoot series. Has one scene with a bondage theme to it.


Super Violent Shoot Comp. 1



Currently NOT available. If you have a copy of this for trade, please email me!


Just got four new DVDs of this series in. Each part is about 4 hours long. So obviously I can't sell this on VHS format since SP mode records only 2 hours. Basically what this is, is a compilation of the best scenes from the the Super Violent Shoot series. This DVD also has tons of chapter/scene stops, usually every minute or so.


Super Violent Shoot Comp. 2



Part two of the series. This part seems to have sort of a schoolgirl theme to it. This title is 4 hours long as well.


Super Violent Shoot Comp. 4



Part 4 of the series. I think i'll now have to find part 5 somewhere. This is by far the best series i've seen in a long time. Check out the screenshots!


Super Violent Shoot Comp 5



Finally got in part 5. If you liked the previous titles, be sure to check this one out!




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