ONED-545 - Maria Ozawa DVD

Scene descriptions:

Intro: Quick walk around the park.

1: She removes man’s pants and then licks his knee and his toes. Wow, that’s hot! Ok, not really. She removes her shirt, he feels up her tits and then gets a blowjob. He cums in her mouth, but she spits it out onto her hand and then it falls out onto the floor.

2: In a bathroom she soaps herself up and then rubs herself all over some man. That’s all.

3: She’s in a bath tub with some man and starts out with a blowjob and then has sex with him.

4: She puts lotion all over herself and rubs her body against some man and then lays underneath him and licks his ass and then gives him a blowjob.

5: She oils herself up some more and again rubs herself all over some guy. She licks his ass while jerking him off. More sex after that.

6: Some more sex in a hotel room.





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