LADY-098 DVD review and picture preview

Starring: Rina Hatsume and Maki Houjou

Score: 10/10




I was going over the top sellers for the JAV category and this one was super high on the list! I'm not surprised since this is such a good one. Pretty much a masterpiece to me, but perhaps one that you'll love or hate. A lot of people here are always asking for titles with the mature and younger (18+) woman movies and this is exactly that. It's one of the best too. I'm a huge rina hatsume fan so obviously I like this.

1: Maki is helping Rina with homework and then goes out to the hallway and makes out with Rina's friend. The kissing scene goes on for quite a while, which is a plus. Maki goes back in and stops focusing on the homework and lick's Rina's ears and kisses her a little.

2: Maki takes her to a couch, strips off her top and licks Rina's nipples and face and sticks her tongue in her mouth. Now Rina's pants are stripped off and Maki licks her pussy while her legs are spread and she's leaning back against the couch.

Rina then gets into the doggy-style position and has her ass licked. Maki now takes off her shirt, holds Rina's head and has her suck on her huge nipples. Maki then grinds her pussy against Rina's mouth while naked.

3: Rina and her friend takes turn licking each other's vaginas. Pretty short scene.

4: Maki and the friend get naked, lick and rub each other's vaginas and then make out a little.

5: Best scene of the movie. Rina is sitting on a bed between her friend and Maki. Rina takes turns kissing her friend and Maki.

Rina then sits on her friend's face while Maki licks her ass. Rina then leans against her friend that's rubbing her tits and Maki licks her pussy for awhile and then kisses her.

Now after some more kissing, Rina and the friend do a 69. Now Maki strips down and the two younger women lick and suck her nipples and then both of them lick her pussy at the same time.

During one part Maki is having Rina lick her pussy while Rina is in the doggy-style position and getting licked by her friend too. It's fun to watch!

Final and best part is when Maki and Rina face each other and rub their crotches against each other.

Probably one of the best (and hottest) lesbian movies there is.

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I'm a huge fan of her movies.





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