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Maria Ogura

The intro scenes to this movie are really good. Three women are in this one. Each one will shoot milk at the camera in closeup.

1: She lays down and squirts milk all over during sex and then uses a breast pump on herself and her and a man share the milk.

2: Too much going on here! She sits on the man's face, squirts milk all over, shoots some into his mouth and then gets on top of him for sex and squirts some more. Even squirts milk all over the camera.

3: Man is taking a bath and Maria Ogura walks in wearing a see-through pink swimsuit. She rubs her nipples and squirts milk all over. She even squirts it all over the man's dick and gives him a blowjob!

4: She's in this scene too! She is wearing red leather and in close-up view squeezes her nipples and squirts all over the camera. Next, she squirts milk all over a piece of plastic/glass, sucks it up and then spits it out again. A man pours milk all over her face as she sucks on a dildo.

A man is laying down and he squirts milk all over her face while she gives him a blowjob.

5: It's her again! She squirts milk into a man's mouth and then she's lactating all over a table. Man licks her pussy while she squirts milk into the air. She again gives him a blowjob after putting milk all over his dick. She gets on top of him for sex and squirts milk even more.

6: It's the end of her scenes, but please keep reading! This scene I didn't care for. This woman has plastic wrap around her stomache?! She rubs her tits and rubs her pussy and then squirts some milk.

7: In an office setting she rubs her tits and squirts milk. A man then uses a massager on her pussy and she squirts even more. Lots of good close-up shots. Although the woman isn't that good looking, this scene is good! She wraps her tits around some man's dick and squirts milk all over him. This woman will even suck milk from her own tits and spit it into the man's mouth. Not my thing, but the tit sucking thing is a plus!

I'll give this one a 9.5/10. There was some weird stuff in the movie I wish they didn't add, but other than that it's well worth watching. There is a LOT of Maria Ogura scenes.


Married Woman's Liberation
Maria Ogura


I'm so glad to be done with reviewing bukkake movies. After viewing them for 10 hours you kind of get sick of them as you can imagine. This one is a japanese lactation movie. Some people love them and other's think they're disgusting! I personally like them a lot. I actually didn't care for them that much until I had viewed ARMD-375. I loved that movie so much that I told myself I'd review it eventually, because it's a current favorite of mine. ARMD-375 is in the lesbian section, not the lactation section. It's a lesbian themed lactation title and figured it'd be best to put it there.

Anyway, this movie I'm currently reviewing stars Maria Ogura. You'll be seeing her a lot lately since she's in nearly all of the good lactation titles! It must be one of her special skills. I swear, she has the largest nipples I've had seen. That's either a plus or negative to you. She was in MJD-26, which was on our top 10 list one month. It's not even a bukkake movie and it still was on it! She's on the cover, check her out!

1: Just your standard sex scene here. Nothing else. Ends with a cumshot to her chest, but they just cut to the next scene. Hey, this isn't bukkake here!

2: In an office she gets what appears to be an interview. She then opens up her shirt and squirts all over the place several times. She even squirts the camera. Short scene, nothing that great here.

3: Here she cuts an opening right over where her nipple is. Oh man, this scene is so funny. She goes out in public and see some man walking down the street and she follows him and squirts all over him and he runs away!

4: Back inside she squirts into a plastic cup. They only do it for a few seconds and then cut to later when it's half filled. They then go outside and ask some random man to drink it. He does. I sure wish I knew Japanese, this movie would be so much more fun to watch!

5: She makes a recipe and squirts milk into the bowl for a few minutes and then tastes it.

6: Poor guy gets milk squirt all over his face. For some reason I don't like seeing it squirted all over some guy's face.

7: She squirts milk all over his dick and he cums into her hands. Now why do they need to do this? She rubs it all over his face. He still has milk all over it too.

8: While using several dildos on herself she squirts all over.

9: Some lactating along with regular sex.

Not a bad movie, but I don't really know what kinds of things people look for in a lactation movie. This certainly is entertaining, but could be better.

I was reluctant to get any more lactation movies since I didn't think they'd sell. Please prove me wrong! If they're popular I'll get a lot more for sure!



Kumi Tachibana


I watched this movie before reviewing it and was really impressed with it. I almost NEVER watch a movie beforehand, almost never lactation if I do watch them.

1: She is out walking and comes inside the house and sits down. A man from behind her squeezes her tits and makes her lactates. Most of the time he will squeeze on her nipples and play with them. He will usually also squeeze both tits so they're all spraying milk up into the air at the same time. For me, the nice thing about this scene is that the main is mostly offscreen. As i've pointed out in other reviews of her movies, her nipples are HUGE! but not like in a gross way.

2: Man fingers her for a very long time and tries to get her "liquid" along with milk into a glass.

3: Two men squeeze her nipples and she gives them blowjobs. Several times they will suck milk from her tits and spit it into her mouth. Not of interest to me and it's over fast luckily. I think their goal was so that she could use it as a type of lube for her blowjobs?!

4: Short scene here. She rubs her pussy, men finger her, cum in her mouth and squeeze her tits.

5: With a ball gag in her mouth, men squeeze her tits and she squirts milk into the air until a breast pump is used on her. They remove the gag after awhile and then use some different vibrators on her.

6: She rubs her tits non-stop while she gives a lot of men blowjobs and takes loads of cum in the mouth.

7: She lactates all over a black table and licks it up. After this it's onto a mirror on the ground.

8: During sex she lactates all over. The scene after this has her in a bath tub for what appears to be an interview.



Edit: After a few years, this is one of my favorite japanese lactation DVDs. I'm not a huge fan of lactation, but this movie is hot!


Maria Ogura


This movie was a best-seller of the month when it first came out and I definitely can understand why. It's not for everyone though!

1: The pregnant women gets a ride in a van and there is what appears to be a short interview. She uses a dildo on herself and then takes a bath.

2: She uses a dildo and then gives a man a blowjob on a bed and then they have sex.

3: Now on to the good stuff with maria ogura! She's out in a park walking with a man. She stops, pulls down her shirt and squirts milk everywhere. I swear, she has the hugest nipples i've ever seen. She also squirts milk all over a leaf. After that, it's on an orange dildo and then the man's dick! She gives him a blowjob and continues to squirt milk on him.

4: Marie squirts milk into some random man's hand while in a van. Then it's all over his chest. She jerks him off until he cums.

5: Marie meets up with the pregnant women in a cafe. Marie takes her tit out of her shirt and squirts milk all over her ice cream and even gets some covering the camera! They give the ice cream back to the waiter and he takes a taste! Probably that was scripted obviously.

They bring her a soft drink and she squirts it into that and some guy takes a drink of that. They bring her a piece of chocolate cake and she squirts all over it. I'm not a huge fan of lactation movies, but I love the ones with Maria Ogura in them! This is one of her best. Her lactation scenes are so good.

6: They're together again. The pregnant woman uses a breast pump on marie and she marie sucks on her tits. Marie then squirts milk all over the pregnant woman and then later all over her ass. At the end they put a dildo between each other and rub against each other.

7: Men squeeze and suck on marie's niiples while the pregnant woman gets oil all over her body and then rubbed in.

After some sex, marie ogura gets chocolate poured all over her tits and she keeps on rubbing them and squirting milk. The pregnant woman has sex too and men cum on her.

8: In a hotel room she squirts milk all over the window and she has sex with a man while still squirting milk all over.

Even if you don't care for the pregnant woman theme and just like the lactation, this movie is still definitely worth getting! I'd give this one a 9.5/10.


Aroma ARMD-519
Maria Ogura


1: Maria Ogura's friends rubs her breasts and squeezes milk out of them to start things off. Geez, by the time she's done her nipples are HUGE. The other girl now takes off her own shirt and they both rub their nipples together and squirt on each other.

2: One girl sucks, and licks (and gets squirted by) Maria Ogura's huge nipples. Very good scene!

3: Yet another good scene. So much to describe here. Starts out with some kissing, then lots of squirting/lactation and then rubbing their nipples together. It's three women in this scene, with two of them lactating.

4: Another lesbian scene with all three of them. Lots of nipple sucking, kissing, squirting and pretty much everything you could expect.

This is a must have if you like lactation movies. I don't understand how anyone could be disappointed with this one. If it's not considered a good lactation movie, then I don't know what is! I'm going to give this one a 9/10!

I'm sorry this review isn't very good. I missed lots of things from this movie! So much is going on all at once in this movie.


Waap Married Wife Lactation
Maria Ogura


1: She's reading a porn magazine and then she starts to rub herself. Soon she's rubbing her breasts and then squeezes them so she starts to squirt milk all over!

2: Husband is really mean to his wife and squeezes her breasts really hard, making her squirt all over the table and then makes her lick it up. He then makes her give him a blowjob.

3: Man has sex with her while the husband is away. He squeezes her breasts making her squirt.

4: Regular sex scene in a kitchen with some lactation.

5: She's tied up and has a ballgag in her mouth. Two men squeeze her breasts causing her to squirt milk. They put some wooden clamps on her nipples and use a vibrator on her. While giving the two men blowjobs one of them puts a device on her that sucks the milk out of her. Once they get enough they dump it on her while she's giving a blowjob. Soon they have sex with her and she lactates through the rest of the scene.

6: Has sex with another guy, squirts in his mouth and chest and licks it up. So much lactation in this scene!


Vamp VADV-52
Maria Ogura
vamp vadv-52 dvd maria ogura


1.Woman is sitting on the floor squeezing her tits and squirting all over the place. The man in the room starts licking and sucking on her tits. He begins to fondle her from behind.

She takes off her panties and he pleasures her with a vibrator as she lactates all over.

Woman is lying in bed and a man sneaks up on her looking for milk. She awakens and he begins to squeeze and massage her boobs. She gets on her back and the man begins to finger her pussy. She is lying their grabbing her tits and rolling back and forth. She then sits up and he begins to lick her ass and she is squirting milk all over the screen.

The girl pulls out the mans dick and begins sucking him off. While she is sucking his dick she is squirting milk all over his mid section and then he then begins to titty fuck her and this then leads to her climbing on top and going for a ride. This is a very creative shot, she is riding him and squirting all over the camera.

2. This is a flash back to the very opening sceen. The girl is squeezing her tits on the man's cock and giving him a blow job. She then catches a load right on the chest.

3. If you like breast feeding this is your scene. It starts off with a man sucking on a titty. She is basically covering his whole face with milk. Ooops here comes the breast pump and vibrator. What movie is complete without that?

4. The camera zooms in really close and the man begins to lick her asshole. He then lays her on the ground and begins toying with her pussy.

At the end of this sceen she gets in a tub and begins squeezing her tits in the camera and its turning the water white.


Milky & Honey Pie
Maria Ogura


Intro: Squirts milk on the camera and then licks it clean.

1: She just sits in a chair and plays with herself.

2: Short scene with her in the bathroom with soap all over her. She rubs her nipples a bit.

3: She walks into a bathroom where a man is taking a bath. She rubs her tits and plays with her nipples. More lactation in here too.

4: She's sleeping and man walks in and rubs her nipples making her squirt a little. She wakes up and has sex with him.

5: She squirts the camera and then licks it clean. She then sucks on a dildo and a man pours milk all over it as she's sucking it. She then puts it in her pussy and the guy squirts milk all over her face from a bottle. Once that's done she goes over to a man laying down and is squirted again with milk. It's sprayed all over her face.

6: Gives guy a handjob and squirts milk all over his dick. She then has sex with him after this.

Good movie, I'd probably give it a 9/10 as well!


Maria Ogura


It's more of the women with the huge nipples. Seems she's in a lot of lactation movies, so I can't go wrong with her stuff.

1: She invites friend over to her home and she gives him a glass of milk. I don't know why, but I had a laugh at that. Must be because I'm watching a lactation movie. She takes an older guy to her room and squirts milk all over his face and tongue. There should be a rule in lactation movies..no men! Or at least no closeups of their nasty face and tongue. It's a turn-off. Ugh. Maybe, I'm just weird.

Despite her lactating all over a man, she's amazing. Those things are HUGE. She squirts so much that it even hits the camera from like a mile away. Not all of it has the guy in it. She quite often will squirt more than him and even squirts into her own mouth. I really liked this scene a lot! The only negative about this scene is that the man is really, really old. I don't pay attention to the men at all, but still...

2: She's in the bathroom and starts to soap up her body. Of course there's lots of focus on her tits thankfully. She rubs soap all over them and then gets into the tub. She squirts milk into the water and it looks odd. Strangely, it looks like she's shooting smoke out of her nipples. It looks so weird on camera!

3: She's out of the bathroom and laying on the sofa rubbing her pussy. She starts squeezing her nipples squirting milk out and she even can suck her own nipples.

4: She is back with her younger guest and squirts all over his mouth and onto the kitchen table.

5: She squirts milk all over the guy's chest and then over his dick and then sucks it. They then have sex and theres some more squirting too.

6: Ugh, man this is gross. I don't think that person was her friend. I hope this movie doesn't have the theme I was thinking. Anyway, since I don't understand Japanese I'll pretend it's not! The older guy and the younger guy are with her and she blows them and does even more squirting. Luckily no sex with the older guy!

7: The final scene has her squirting both of them with milk while she's sitting at a table.

This one is very good. There's even some good behind the scenes footage. This just might be one of the best lactation titles I have so far. I'd say it's probably #3 or so. This movie doesn't look good based on the cover, but it really is! For a lactation title I'd give it a low 9/10.


Maria Ogura


1: Ugh, some really nasty woman lactates into her coffee, onto some guy and then on the camera. I had problems taking screenshots for this scene and guess I didn't!

2: Same woman lactates into a bowl and even uses a breast pump.

My god, her scenes are unwatchable to me. So gross. I know, I'm mean, but it's true!

3: The good news is that now Maria Ogura is in the rest of the movie! Here we're in what looks like her house. She takes off her shirt and a guy examines her and then she squirts milk into a cup. Later he squeezes her nipples, making her lactates all over the window overlooking another set of apartments.

4: In her kitchen, she licks her nipples and then squirts milk all over.

5: Starts off with her lactating over some guy's dick and then having sex with him while squirting all over the place.

This ones not bad, but definitely not her best lactation movie.


Maria Ogura


I wasn't planning on getting any new Maria Ogura movies, but I just did anyway. I think we have nearly all of them anyway. There's not a ton of newer lactation titles available anyway.

1: Seems most all movies these days start out with an interview. Here she's sitting on a sofa, squirts some milk all over the place while squeezing her nipples. Man then uses a small ‘bullet' vibrator on her nipples.

2: She gives a man a blowjob. That's all for this scene.

3: Man feels up her boobs, licks her nipples, fingers her and then she gives him a blowjob and then they have sex. No lactation in this scene.

4: She sits down and a man behind her puts oil all over her tits, squeezes her nipples and she squirts milk all over. She also lays down and he pours some more oil/lotion over her.

5: Lots of lactation during foreplay and then sex.

6: Just a quick ending with her in the shower.


see below


Saki Yamamoto, Kozue Morishita


I've had this added for over a year, but only re-reviewed it recently to find out that it has two very good lactation scenes! This is a movie where the women are not that attractive at all, but the lactation scenes are so good that you don't care! The women in the movie are also a bit older. I don't think I will review the whole movie. I will just go over a few scenes. Unfortunately there are only two lactation scenes.

A: An older woman and a younger one take turns giving a man a blowjob and then they swallow his cum.

B (lactation #1): My initial reaction to this scene was something like "Gross.. Wait, that's kind of hot".. Didn't like much of the movie, but the lactation scenes! They alone make it worth getting (to me anyway).

The younger woman holds her tits in the direction of a man's mouth. Both of them at the same time. The older woman is behind her and helps her squeeze her tits. The woman's tits are huge! They're the the kind that are big, fat and floppy..and in this scene, really...long? Sounds weird, but that's what they are! She squeezes her nipples and squirts lots of milk into the man's mouth over and over, then lick some of the milk up off his face and share it.

C: They soap each other up and each woman rubs her tits all over the man. They then lick his ass, kiss him and then one gives him a blowjob in a bath tub. They continue to rub theirselves against the man while oiled up and then the e older woman has sex with him.

D (lactation #2)

Man and a woman feel up another woman's tits and then squeezes them in order to make her lactate all over. During sex she lactates some more. More sex follows as well as more lactation.

Misora Hamano

1: She's dressed as a maid and man feels up her tits and she gives him a blowjob.

2: Sits on his face and then rubs his dick between her tits.

3: Plastic clothespins are put on her tits and they cover her nipples with two glasses and she squirts milk into them. A man from behing then rubs her tits and someone licks her pussy while massagers are used on her.

4: In a bathroom she is all oiled up and man first rubs himself against her tits and then she rubs her whole body all over him as he is laying down. She rubs his dick with her feet and then they have sex. No lactation though.

5: Just a blowjob and sex for the final scene.

Moe Yamazaki


NOTE: This has a pregnant woman in this, if that's not your thing, please skip it.

I'm only reviewing this mainly because it has a pretty amazing lactation scene! That scene alone may make this movie worth getting even if you don't like the pregnant theme.

1: She's sitting down and she talks to the interviewer while showing off her tits.

2: She's naked in the bathroom and uses her shower head on her pussy.

3: This scene has her stripping down until she's naked.

4: She's naked and man licks her tits and then her pussy while she lays on the floor. She gives him a blowjob while rubbing herself. She lays back down and has sex with one man while a room of men cum all over her face and upper body.

5: She's walking around outside in public while wearing a school uniform. She gets her picture taken while showing off her pregnant belly.

6: She's with another pregnant woman in this scene sitting down. They both are facing each other and examine each other, then feel each others tits and then do a '69' for awhile.

The both suck on a double ended dildo and then one girl wears it as a strap on while the other sucks on it as if it was a dick.She then does the other girl in the missionary position with it and then 'doggy-style'.

7: She does push ups, sit ups and various other exercises such as jumping rope.

8:She's outside in public again and wearins some outfit she probably shouldn't wear while pregnant. She's offering beer to everyone passing by. People seem to look at her funny. Later, she gives a man a blowjob and he cums in her mouth.

9: Some fore-play between her and a man. She gives him a blowjob and then rubs her tits all over his dick. It's really a good part of the scene! She gets on top of the man for sex and then she gets showered with lactation from lots of women! It's almost as if it's lactation bukkake. It doesn't even seem possible!

They surround her and shoot milk on her all at once for such a long time and then she even gets several mouthfuls of....milk.

After this scene she gives you a tour of her house. Later you see the 2nd pregnant woman. She has sex with a man and gives me a blowjob. After that the main pregnant woman gives one last blowjob.

This has a scene in it that you'll never find in another movie I think. Out of all the lactation movies i've seen I haven't seen one quite like it.


Maria Ogura


Nice! A 2nd new Maria Ogura movie I didn't even think I had! I could view a dozen of them and not get sick of them probably.

1: On a couch she rubs her nipples squirting milk everywhere. There's some nice close-up shots. She then rubs her pussy for the rest of the scene.

2: She squirts milk into a man's face and then he carries her up into the bedroom. She rubs his dick. The guy is wearing a pair of underwear shaped like an elephant. His dick is in the part that's the trunk. Weird.

Anyway, he fingers her and they do a 69 and then it's missionary. When she gets on top of him again she squirts milk onto his chest.

3: This is supposed to be one of those 'rough' scenes. He makes me squirt milk at random and she gives him a blowjob and they have sex. Not that much lactation in this scene though really.

4: She squirts milk into another man's mouth. He fingers her and then they have sex and she squirts milk all over his chest. The last part of the movie is the best. She squeezes her nipples and squirts milk all over the camera.


Maria Ogura


I saved the best for last hopefully! Many people have said I have added too many Maria Ogura movies, but I don't think so. I do think it's good to add a little variety, so i've tried to find other lactation movies without her in them.

1: Is this a joke?! A 28 minute interview?! I hope you understand Japanese, because I don't! After that she uncovers her tits and squeezes on her nipples and leaks out milk a little. After that a man takes measurements of her.

She puts on a white shirt and squirts milk through it. After that she removes the shirt and using her own hands squirts milk all over the camera!

2: Here they do a side view of her where you get to see her squirting milk all over the place, including all over the camera.

3: She's a waitress in a resaurant and a man orders coffee but he needs milk in it! It comes straight from the source, her tits! The other man sucks on her tits and then both men put breast pumps on her. Both of them get a vial of her milk and drink it and act as if it tastes good!

4: She breast feeds some man and then squirts milk all over his face. She will squeez both nipples together and feed him milk out of both of them. He even manages to suck both at the same time. She then squirts milk all over his body.

The man gets out a huge dildo and she squirts milk all over it and then licks it clean. She then oils up his chest and rubs her tits all over it and squirts some more milk on it as well. The last part has her squirting more milk. In this scene a lot of the milk hits the camera.

5: She lactates while naked in a bath tub.

This movie is very long at about 2 hours. Don't let the super long first interview keep you from getting this! This is a must have for any fan of Maria Ogura or even those who just like lactation movies. I'd give it a 10.


Maria Ogura


This is another Maria Ogura DVD movie I found in my collection! I seem to have 95% of them now. If you ever come across one I don't have, please tell me! I scanned through this really quick and it looked very good!

Intro: Nice shot of her tied up completely naked with just rope.

1: Man her her upper body tied up. Most of the rope is around her tits. She pulls out her tits from her shirt and squeezes them and she squirts out some milk.

2: She is sitting on a couch without a shirt and her tits are tied up. Man squeezes her huge nipples and she even tries to catch her own squirting milk in her mouth! After this, he has her squirt milk into her hand.

3: Man wraps rope around her tits several times. He gets out a wine glass and lightly squeezes her tits and she squirts milk into the glass. He does this to the left tit too and they both take a drink out of the glass of milk. The man then gets out a massager and uses on her nipples.

When he's done with that he continues to squeeze milk into the glass while using the massager on her pussy.

4: Marie is laying tied up on a table and squirts milk into another woman's mouth. She's tied up too. This is the hottest thing i've seen in awhile. The other woman lightly rubs marie's nipples and she's squirting in the air. They do some milk swapping and she continues to squirts her tits. I swear, he had like eight small little streams of milk all going up at once!

The other girl sits on Marie's face and marie squirts milk all over her pussy. The friend uses a vibrator on Marie and she continues to squirt milk up in the air and after awhile her face looks soaked by her own milk.

5: She has rope around her upper body again and hot wax is dripped all over her tits. It's not as painful as it looks. She also gets some on her ass and a bit on her tongue. She even squirts milk out of her tits while the wax is coming off. She squirts it all over some man's dick and gives him a blowjob. Pretty amazing scene.

6: She squirts milk into a man's mouth and then over his bald head! She then continues to squirt milk while he fingers her. She squirts milk on his dick and gives him a blowjob!

7: She gets on top of a man for sex and squirts milk all over the place. She also does this in the missionary position. After this scene she squirts some more in a bath tub.

10! Another must have lactation title.

DD-207 (see below for picture gallery)
Maria Ogura


NOTE: FIRST MOVIE IS DCN-029. Don't buy if you already have it. This is a compilation of two movies. DCN-029 was previously un-reviewed.

1: She squeezes her tits through a white shirt and can actually squirt milk through it! She gets it soaked and then takes off her shirt to squirt milk even more. She has a helper sometimes and squirts all over the camera.

The second part of the scene has in a side view squirting milk using her own hands into the air over and over. Amazing lactation scene. I can't believe so much milk is coming out of her! A man also gets some milk squirt all over his face and into his mouth.

2: A bandage is tied around her left tit and she squirt milk a lot, including into a man's mouth after he licks her nipples.He even uses a small pump on her nipple.

3: Rope is tied around her tits and a man puts clothspins on her nipples and she lactates some more. The man licks and fingers her pussy and she squeezes her tits over and over, squirting milk into the air.

4: Continuation of scene three. She gives him a blowjob while she lactates. A breast pump is used on her to collect milk and the man puts milk inside his condom and then puts it on! He even pours some of the milk all over his dick as lube and she lactates all over it as well. Her and the man have sex and she still has the rope around her tits. She squeezes her tits and milk continues to fly everywhere. Trust me, this movie is amazing. Probably one of her best movies by far.

5: Man ties her up and she's up off the floor for a few seconds. She lays on the ground and man makes her squirt milk up in the air. He then ties rope around her tits and makes her lactate even more. She sprays so much that her face is all wet with milk. They also put a string around each nipple and then a small wire hook on her nose.

This DVD has two movies on it. Each are about 1 1/2 hours each. I won't review the second, but will take screenshots.


Gallery A

Gallery B


Takara Visual SGMH-04
Maria Ogura
takara visual sgmh-04 dvd with maria ogura


I think we now officially have every Maria Ogura title! I'm not 100% sure of this, but I haven't found many we don't have. She does have a few titles that are not lactation. This movie was a major pain to find. It took awhile to find it.

1: Man is "busy" playing solitaire on his computer and Maria comes up to him, kneels down and gives him a blowjob while showing you her tits. He cums in her mouth.

2: She squirts milk all over her pussy and then rubs her tits, lactates a little and then uses a dildo on herself.

3: First, she takes a long drive in a car and then in a bathroom a man feels her nipples, licks them and receives a blowjob. She rubs her tits all over his dick and has sex with him. No lactation though unfortunately.

4: Man rubs her tits, licks them and then has sex with her. Hate to say it, but this movie only had one lactation scene!

Maria Ogura


Intro: Maria Ogura and another woman are squirting the camera with milk from their tits!

1: Man sucks on woman's left tit, while she squirts milk from her right one. She squirts milk onto his dick and gives him a blowjob. She then rubs her tits all over his dick and during sex she lactates all over.

2: I really wasn't expecting Maria Ogura in this movie. I don't know if this is a scene from another of her movies or not. Her in a movie is always a plus!

She first stands up and squeezes her nipples both at the same time and squirts milk. She then squirts some into a man's mouth and then all over his chest and licks some of it up. She has sex with the man and continues to lactate. Those nipples are HUGE! Sorry, I just had to mention that.

3: Man plays with some woman's tits from behind and rubs them with oil. They're huge. Luckily Maria Ogura is in the next part. A man does the same thing to her and she of course shoots out milk.

4: Woman has sex with an older guy and spray milk all over him.

5: is there a Marie Ogura scene that's not good? I've only seen one. In this one, her and another girl squirt milk all over a man's mouth and face. Maria continues to do this while the other woman rubs her tits all over the man's dick. Very good scene.

6: Another woman has sex with a man and lactates the whole time.

7: Lots more lactation. During sex and pretty much through the entire scene.

8, 9: Eww, these scenes are so nasty. She lactates into the mouths of some REALLY old men. Ones that shouldn't be in porn. Fast forward material for me. Short scenes though!

10: I missed a few scenes, but there is so much going on in this movie. Here, a woman squirts milk into a man's mouth and then all over his dick.

Kumi Tachibana
aknr fset-148 dvd kumi tachibana


Intro: She has her leg up in the air and sprays milk all over the place.

1: She lactates using her own hands in a close-up view. She has some huge nipples! A man squeezes her tits from behind and makes her lactate. She sprays milk all over his dick and gives him a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she spits it into her hands and sprays milk in her hands too and swallows the milk and semen.

2: She does some some stretching on her wooden bar and leans way back and shoots milk into the air! She does this for the rest of the scene as well.

3: She lactates through her shirt, strips down and then a man sucks on her left nipples and then makes her right one squirt out milk. During sex she lactates all over too.

4: While sitting down she lactates all over the camera using her own fingers.

5: Lactations all over a man's dick before she gives him a blowjob.

6: She sprays milk all over a man's dick while he's still in his underwear and then during all the foreplay as well. Later, she is leaning against that wooden bar and has her leg raised all the way up to her head while standing during sex. They switch positions several times and she continues to spray milk everywhere.

7: She does her exercises and sprays out milk into the air. Lots of closeup shots. After awhile a man takes over.

PS if you are a fan of kumi tachibana check our her filmography





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