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Frequently Asked Questions

New lower prices and added discounts:

$5 each - Reduced price per disc based on quantity.

10 DVDs for $50 - $5.00 each.

20 DVDs for $80 - $4.00 each.

30 DVDs for $120 - $4.00 each.

50 DVDs for $175 - $3.50 each.

100 DVDs for $300 - $3.00 each - Our best deal!

All discounts are automatic!

You can also click the above deals and buy in bulk using only catalog numbers


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover through our secure shopping cart.

We can also accept check and money orders.


What are your prices? How much is shipping?

$5 each or get a discount based on quantity.

All packaging is 100% discreet and we ship worldwide.

$6.65 for Priority Mail, $3.50 for 1st class.

International shipping outside USA: $13.50 flat rate.


How do I order?

Click "BUY" to add items to your cart. You can close any new browser tabs.

When done you can select "View Cart" at the top of any page.

Do you need extra help? Please read our step-by-step instructions.

We will also help you by Email if needed.


How securely is your package sent? Will anyone know what i'm ordering?


We take your privacy VERY seriously. We do not share your information with anyone. We do not have a newsletter or email list.

If we ever contact you it's due to a question about an order. It will be by email only and never by phone.

Your DVDs are mailed very securely. We ship all DVDs in paper sleeves and a plain bubble mailer (that's inside a Priority Mail mailer if it's a US order).

Even if the package was opened, no one would have any idea what they are unless played. We write on the package just our initials and the PO BOX address.

Customs forms will make no references to adult material.


Why should I buy from you ?

Every title is guaranteed to work. If you have a defect we will replace it! In most cases, there is never any need to send anything back!

We care about video quality. If you are not satisfied with it, we will give you an alternative title of your own selection.

Your information is 100% secure. We have no mailing list. You will get no calls or junk mail from us EVER!

All packages are shipped discreetly. On the outside of the package it will just list our initials and PO BOX. Nobody will know it's adult material until the discs are removed and actually played!

We have fair prices and flat rate shipping prices with no markups.

We are located in the USA and can ship to you quickly and securely. We do not do drop shipping from a warehouse.


Can I play your DVDs?

All titles are in NTSC region free format and viewable in nearly every country.


Where are you located?


We have been located in Michigan since 2002!

Our mailing address:

mailing address

Please contact us before sending anything.


Are your DVDs censored?


Due to Japanese law, all movies are censored. There is a very thin digital blurring over the female and male genitalia and nothing else.

This does not take away from the enjoyment of these types of movies at all. If it did otherwise, I wouldn't be selling them!


How do I contact you?


You can click the contact us button at the top of this page or email us here.

Our email addresses:

sales @ japansm.com

jvwsales @ gmail.com (backup only, but checked daily)

Please remove the spaces before sending.

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!




18 U.S.C 2257 Record-Keeping Compliance Statement (Age Statement)

In compliance with Title 18 of U.S. Code 2257, all actresses featured in the movies on this site were at least 18 years of age at the time of filming. All titles offered on this site were published in Japan by prominent studios. The stickers below are standard authentication materials used by studios as proof that there are absolutely no performers below the age of 18. These stickers accompany all AV releases in Japan.




What is your refund and return policy?

We provide a credit or replacement if there is a problem with the items received.

Usually there is no need to send anything back first!

If you need to cancel an order please be sure to contact us immediately for a full refund.



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