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DDT-239 DDT-239 Endless Semen Yuka Ohsawa BUY


Review score: 8.5/10

While she has her glasses on men cum all over her face and all over her glasses and she licks them clean.

2: Here she is dressed up as a nurse and slowly takes off her clothing as the scene goes out. She will just tease all the men by rolling all over them and then giving them a handjob or even giving some of them a blowjob. She usually ends up playing with their cum. During one part of the scene she jerks off a man while she rubs her pussy and squirts all over the camera.

3: Men cum on her face for a few minutes and then she holds up a large glass while men cum in her mouth non-stop most of the scene. All the cum falls out into the glass and they don't stop until the glass is pretty much full. Once it's full she uses an umbrella as a dildo and slowly swallows down the contents of the glass. Probably the most i've seen swallowed in a bukkake movie in a very, very long time.

4: While in the cowgirl position, she gets a facial during the entire scene. It's very messy and easily the best scene of the movie to me!

DDT-350 DDT-350 Anri Nonaka, Fuuka Nanasaki BUY



Review score: 9.5/10

1: Anri and her friend kiss for a few seconds and then take turns getting cum shot all over the top of their heads. It's really thick stringy shots and they swap it a bit. It's a fairly short scene.

2: The two are now in their school uniform. Wait, just the top part! They get cumshots all over the face and swap the cum.

3: Anri and the other are dressed as maids and lots of men cum all over their tongues. The cum falls out a huge metal pan they are holding up. Once it's all covered they play with it, swap cum and then lick it up slowly and swallow it all!

4: Anri's friend is laying on a bed and has her legs lifted up in the air. Men cum on her legs and anri scoops up the cum and swallows it. While Anri licks the other's pussy, she gets cumshots in the mouth and swallows them.

5: Both are fully naked and feel each other up a bit, kiss and then get cum all over the face. There is some cum-swapping after licking their faces clean. At the end they do a 69, and then rub their pussies against each other. That's always fun to watch. There is even a cum-shot recap at the end!

This one is extremely good, but it didn't wow me as much as "DDT-154". I really liked Anri in this one and hope she does even more Dogma movies. Dogma has finally started making Widescreen movies and I'm so glad. I think they should skip 3D and go directly to Blu-Ray options for some movies.



(THE 3D plus 2D VERSION is available upon request only!! If you don't ask for it or just forget, it won't be sent. The reason is that the 3D version does NOT work with those cardboard glasses and requires a 3D HDTV and expensive 3D glasses. I don't know how common this is yet. There is NO way to fit both onto one disc.


DDT-026 DDT-026 Semen Female Teacher Kurumi Morishita BUY



1: Kurumi is a teacher in a classroom for this scene. After class she's down in a room making out with the janitor. She deepthroats him and they have sex and he cums in her mouth.

2: She goes to an employees home, gives him a blowjob and he cums on her face. There's a story in this movie, but I don't really know what's going on. Following this he receives a blowjob from his wife and cums on her face too.

3: In her classroom she takes off all her clothes and sits down on the floor and rubs her pussy and then has all her students cum on her face. This facial scene is very good and this scene alone makes the movie worth getting I think. I don't get to see very many Kurumi Morishita facial scenes. After that's all over with she's back in her class and reads from a book with cum all over her. I sure didn't give her much attention when I saw her previous films. That's too bad. If there's any of her bukkake movies I don't have, I definitely need to get them!

That was the last scene. The movie is about 1 hour and 22 minutes. There's about another 20 minutes of more of behind the scene footage.


DDT-154 DDT-154 Sperm Lesbian Chihiro Hasegawa, Mayura Hoshitsuki BUY



Score: 9.5/10

1: Pretty simple first scene, but that's a good thing. Both are sitting down on the ground and men cum on each of their faces. Pretty decent facial, but nothing extremely messy, it's only the first scene!

2: Mayura and Chihiro kiss and then Mayura sticks out her tongue to receive a cumshot. The cum falls out into Chihiro's mouth. For the rest of the scene, men cum on each of their faces. The cum is licked off faces, off of tongues and they do a lot of swapping. Pretty hot scene! Good camera work too, lots of good close-up shots. Lots of eye contact in a scene is a plus too I think.

3: This scene is amazing. I have to get that out. Both of them are dressed as maid and hold up a large silver pan. Men cum into their mouths (usually onto their tongue they stick out) and all the cum falls out onto it the pan. Once they have enough covering the pan they take turns slowly sucking up all the cum. There's a lot of it and it takes them a long time! You almost never see scenes like these in new movies!

4: Mayura licks Chihiro's pussy while she gets a facial while laying down. Mayura then licks the other girl's face clean. Now it's Mayura's turn. A few men get things going by shooting their cum all over her leg. It's scooped up with a spoon and swallowed. Now men cum into Mayura's mouth. Once she has enough, Chihiro sucks it out of her mouth with a straw and then spits it back out into her mouth!

5: Both are really close to each other and they once again get facials by all the men. They lick some of the cum off each other's faces and then rub their pussies against each other. After this scene there is a "cumshot recap".

It's a very, very good movie.


DDM-001 DDM-001 Condensed Milk Kurumi Morishita BUY


Score: 9.5/10

How on earth did I ignore this movie for so long? This one I've had listed for what seems like forever. It doesn't sell well. I even forgot that this one had Kurumi Morishita in it!

Intro: Tohjiro and Kazuhiko Matsumoto  exchange a few words, not sure what is said. After that they sign some papers. Kurumi sits in the middle and rubs herself while a few men shoot cum onto her face. Just a short facial, nothing too messy yet, but it's still pretty good.

1: She has an interview with someone and then she kneels down and lots of men cum onto her face. She smiles and then rubs it all in.

2: Outside a girl kneels down and collects cum in a glass. She sucks up some of it in her mouth and walks down to where Kurumi is walking and spits all the cum in her face. I don't see anything good about this scene really. Kind of pointless to me. That's ok.

3: I think when I first saw this movie I was asleep or something. Seriously. I never even realized how cute she was, so I hope you don't mind me taking way too many pictures of her face! She's probably my new favorite bukkake girl. I still can't get over how I never paid any attention to her before a couple months ago. Anyway, this scene is so hot to me. The title for this scene would be ‘sperm with a smile'. That's all she does..gets cumshots all over the face with her smiling! Sounds good to me. So many girls in bukkake movies seem like they're so out of it and want to be done and over with it.

4: Men cum onto her legs and she scoops up all their cum with a spoon and swallows it.

5: A bunch of men cum all over a piece of glass. The camera is aimed at it looking up while Kurumi licks up all the cum. Short scene but good.

6: More men cum all over her body and then she walks outside in public and talks to random people passing by.

7: Snack time. Kurumi eats a plain cracker with nasty cum all over. Her second one has fish eggs and semen on it.

Once she's eaten she gets a large wine glass and has men fill it up with cum. Once it's nearly filled she drinks it all down! Amazing scene. The last part anyway.

8: Just a regular sex scene ending with a cumshot to the mouth. It's pretty short.

9: This scene is by far the best of the movie. She holds up a large silver tray and dozens of men cum into her mouth. After each load, she will let it fall out onto the tray. Once the tray is completely covered with cum she slowly sucks it all up and swallows. She takes her down and often will spit some of it out and then suck it all up again.



DDT-311 DDT-311 Long Tongue Bukkake Shizuka Kanno BUY


Score: 9.5/10

She gives a man a long blowjob and he cums in her mouth. I'm not sure if she swallowed it or not.

Luckily once she starts rubbing her pussy, all the men cum onto her face. All this while wearing glasses and dressed up as an office worker! She also sticks out her long tongue while this is happening. I like close-ups in bukkake (like in MS-01 Fuji No Jin), but the extreme closeups during the facial were just beyond dumb.

2: I think what she does is just tease about 6 or 7 men. She blows the first one and swallows his cum. She does pretty much the same thing to the rest by stripping down her clothes. She pees on two of them. Not sure why. During one part she even fingers a man's butt hole.

3: First, she holds up a glass and men cum onto her tongue and it usually just seems to go sliding down her tongue into the glass.

Luckily she opens her mouth really wide and sticks out her very long tongue. I don't know why and maybe i'm weird, but the part where she is sticking out her extremely long tongue while getting a facial is really hot. I haven't seen anything like that before I think. It's really long and pointy! It's almost as if she's trying to stick it out as far as she can! The facial is just amazing and VERY messy. It keeps going on and on until the glass is filled up to the TOP with cum! There's a lot of parts where her tongue is covered with cum before it goes into the glass.

When it's filled she slowly drinks it down. When she gets almost to the end of it she squats over a dildo attached to the ground and uses it while swallowing the rest.

4: During sex she gets more cumshots all over her face! One last good scene.

DRM-007 DRM-007 Sperm Lesbian Kurumi Morishita, Fuuka Sakurai BUY


Score: 10/10 Easily!

This is one of my favorite bukkake DVD movies. It's not only directed by Tohjiro but stars Kurumi Morishita. Then it has a lesbian movie theme to it, how could you not like that?!

1: Kurumi and the other girl are sitting down on the floor and to start things off kiss and licks each other's tongues. Men cum into Kurumi's mouth and they each will cum-swap with just about each load of cum. The scene lasts about 24 minutes!

2: The two are back again. Kurumi licks the other girl's pussy, fingers her and then uses a dildo on her while sucking on her tits. Men then cum all over her face while this is happening. Once her facial is done, Kurumi licks the other girl's  face clean.

3: Kurumi licks and fingers the other girl's asshole. Men then cum all over her ass and asshole and then Kurumi licks it all up and then swallows her mouthful of cum.

4: Kurumi sucks on the other girl's strap-on dildo and then that girl fucks her with it while Kurumi gets a really good facial. It's an extremely good one and at the end her face is licked clean by the other girl.

5: Both of them are really close to each other and one of them holds a large glass. Men cum into either ones mouth and all the cum will fall out into the glass. Usually one of them will let the cum fall out onto the other girl's tongue and then into the glass. Once they have enough and it's nearly filled up they suck it up and spit cum into each other's mouths and then swallow.

6: They grind their pussies against each other and then as they're holding each other they both get a facial at the same time. Toward the end of the scene they mainly switch to shooting cum into their mouth while Kurumi licks cum off the other girl.

7: Both of them give one man a blowjob and then swap and play with his cum.

8: The fake cum scene. As they're both holding each other fake cum is poured over them. No, they're not out to try and fool anyone.

I thought this was pretty amazing the first time I saw this movie, but the second it was twice as good. This is definitely one of the hottest movies there is and what I'd call a bukkake masterpiece. I'd probably only say less than 6 movies fall under that category. Each and every scene is PERFECT to me.


DDT-204 DDT-204 Mayura Hoshitsuki, variou BUY


Score: 9/10

Bukkake from Dogma! I haven't seen that in a while. Too bad it's just a compilation. A very good one though.

1: Mayuri holds up a large metal pan and men cum into her mouth and all over her tongue. All the cum falls onto the metal pan. Once it's nearly covered, she sucks it all up slowly. Really good scene. I believe this was from "White Semen Bukkake".

2: Another amazing scene. She holds up a metal pan, men cum in her mouth and the pan gets covered with semen. At the end she sucks it all up, plays with it and swallows it all down.

3: This one is from DRM-007, which is Sperm Lesbian with Kurumi Morishita. I haven't seen this movie in years, but it's one of the hottest lesbian bukkake movies there is! Kurumi and another girl get really close together and one holds up a glass. Men cum onto each of them and the semen is collected and put into the glass. At the end, they do a lot of cum-swapping. So far each scene has been good.

4: This one is from DDT-154 and has Mayuri in it. Her and the other girl are dressed as maids. They hold up a huge metal pan and each man cums all over their tongues that they stick out. I thought the previous scenes were good, but this is by far the best. DDT-154 is one of my favorites and I think I gave it a 10/10.

5: Men cum all over Mayuri's body and she scoops up the semen with a spoon and eats it. She then lays down on her bed completely naked and men cum on her pussy and she rubs it in.

6: Mayuri has men cum all over her socks and it's scooped up by her friend and swallowed. Men then cum into Mayuri's mouth. Short scene but good.

7:This scene is from an old movie when Dogma still had VHS movies. It's from WTJ-001. Sex during a pretty decent facial.

8,9: I think these scenes are from the "White Semen Bukkake" titles. WTJ-001 to WTJ-003.

10: Another scene from one of the best movies ever made..DRM-007. Kurumi and another girl take cum-shots to the face.

11: Yet another really good Mayuri scenes. Her and a friend get a facial, lick cum off each other and rub their pussies against each other. This is from DDT-154.

12: Here, this girl is dressed as a nurse, jerks off a lot of men, plays with their cum, licks it up and swallows it.

13: She rubs oil all over her body and slides her body all across some men laying on the ground. She then jerks them off. I'm not sure why they included this scene.

14: I like the start of this scene. I can't think of her name at the moment, but she was in a lot of SOD and Dogma movies and was in Semen Maniac 4. During her messy facial she keeps her eyes open a lot.

15: Facial scene from Endless Semen.

16,17,18: Facials from Confinement Chair Trance titles.


DDM-004 DDM-004 Semen Race Queens Hinano Mizuki BUY


Review score: 10/10 easily - One of my all time favorites!

This is by far one of my favorite movies ever. I've seen it so many times. I'm now kind of wondering why I had this lower on my top 10 list than Semen Maniac 1. I'm now actually thinking this is much better for various reasons. First saw this movie and resisted getting it because it didn't look that good based on the box cover. Was I ever wrong. I don't know if it's ever been on a top 10 monthly sellers list, but it deserves to be. I'm going to try and do my best to get it there someday since I love the movie that much. Out of all my movies I have (maybe 600-700 japanese bukkake movies) this one is at about #18 in terms of sales. That's pretty good but I've owned it for so long. It's just so disappointing to get in new orders and never need to send out this title much!

I think this movie is pretty well thought out. Not some type of movie where they threw together some ideas in a few seconds like they did with the Dream Woman series. One of the biggest reasons this movie is so good is Hinano Mizuki! She's amazing in this movie. She's from Taiwan I've heard and at one point I think she even had her own blog online, but I'm not sure about that. She's only been in about half a dozen Japanese adult movies or so. Most of her movies were made for Dogma it seems. The rest appear to be for companies I've never even heard of. Most people have never heard of her, but she's one of my favorites!

Anyway, this is yet another title that demanded a better and longer review. My last description was only 2 sentences!!

1: The three girls are in a room sitting down. It appears to be sort of an interview. After a few questions Hinano starts giving a man on her left a blowjob. The others are asked a few questions and then they each start blowing other men. The men cum in each of their mouths and they open their mouth filled with cum to show off to the camera.

2: The three are surrounded by a bunch of cameras and they have sort of a photo shoot. Soon they're all sitting down. The first guy cums all over Hinano's face and then more cum on the rest of them. They play with the cum for awhile as well.

3: Hinano is watching some men in a shop clean auto parts with a brush. She seems so amused by this. Next thing you know they've given her a brush and all the men cum in her mouth. She uses their cum as toothpaste and brushes her teeth with their cum! She has this huge mouthful of foamy cum and soon it's all running down the side of her mouth. She shows off this huge mouthful of foamy cum and then swallows it down.

4: All but Hinano are in one room. One blows several men to collect their cum while the other in the back plays with herself. She spits each mouthful of cum onto some pizza. Hinano comes in (guess she's pretty much the main star of the movie) and sees the pizza and eats it. She likes it so much that she eats all three pieces and doesn't even share any of it! Her expressions in the movie are so funny!

5: Worst scene in the movie, but it's so short, so it doesn't matter! English speaking Caucasian has sex with one of them. If I recall his dialogue was something like how he needed "a quick fuck before the race".

6: I guess that helped him because he won his prize! He gives his large crystal glass/trophy to Hinano. She doesn't know what to do with it, so she examines it and just holds it up and everyone starts to cum in her mouth. She spits it out until the glass and once there's a ton of cum in it she swallows it all down. Once it's all empty she takes it back down to the guy, gives him a blowjob, has sex and swallows his cum too.

7: Hinano receives a cumshot in the mouth and she empties her mouth of cum into the other girl's mouth. The rest of the scene is them receives loads of cum and cum-swapping between them.

8: For the last scene each girl receives cumshots to the mouth. They all let the cum fall out onto various motorcycle parts and then they lick it up and swish it around in their mouth and then swallow.





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Actress: Sayo Airmoto

1: While kneeling down in a classroom she gets a few cumshots all over her face. She pushes the cum into her mouth with her fingers and plays with it a bit. She then lets it's fall out into her hands and then sucks it back up and swallows.

3: Men cum on her legs and nipples and she scoops it up with a spoon, empties it into her mouth and then swallows. Following this she uses a vibrator and squirts high up into the air and all over the place. Another toy is used on her and more men cum on her leg and she scoops it up again.

4: She holds up a large metal platter and men cum all over her tongue that's she's sticking out. Any cum will fall down onto the metal platter. Once it's nearly covered she sucks it all up and swallows it.

5: Here she gets a facial during sex. For the sex scene she's wearing a one piece swimsuit with holes cut into it.




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DDT-216 - White Sexual Desire

Actress: Tsubomi

Review score: 10/10

1: In a classroom sitting down in front of a desk she takes cum-shots one at a time from random men. Unlike most movies, they're luckily all offscreen mostly. Most of the cum goes into her mouth or on her face a little. Twice during the scene she will let the cum slowly fall out of her mouth into her hands. She will then suck it up and swallow.

2: Another very good scene. She is sitting down with a spoon and men will cum onto her tits and on different areas of her body. She will scoop up the cum and swallow it. No filler-material to be found in this scene at all. Not even in the first scene!

3: Here she kneels down and gives a man a long deep-throat blowjob. He cums in her mouth and several others do as well. She swallows each load.

4: She is now holding up a metal pan. Men will cum onto her face or mouth and all of the cum will fall off onto the pan. Once it gets covered she takes a lot of licks of the cum and then swallows it all down. She pretty much just licks the entire pan clean.

5: She's has sex with a man wearing a swimsuit with a hole cut in the bottom. When they switch to missionary, all the men cum all over her face.

6: To start off she holds up a glass and men cum into her face or mouth. All the cum goes into a glass and she swallows it all down. During the last part she has sex in the missionary position while men give her a messy facial.

This movie is pretty much perfect. I seriously can't think of a single negative thing to say about this movie. Can I give a movie an 11?


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Actress: Mahiro Aine

Review score: 10/10 - Can I gave a movie an 11?

1: In a school uniform she is in front of a desk and a lot of men cum all over her face. This scene is very, very good. They do some extreme closeups of the bukkake. Sometimes if they do it wrong, it ruins a scene, but for this scene I like it. They ALWAYS did that in the old MVG movies (such as MS-01) and it added to the movie. Anyway, they get long strings of cum all over her face and even on her forehand, on her hair. She pulls some of it off with her fingers.
2: She's sitting down on a mattress and rubs herself while men cum on her fits and legs. She will scoop up the cum with a spoon and play with it. I couldn't tell for sure if she swallowed it. Ok, with the next load of cum on her legs, she did swallow it.

3: First man cums in her mouth after a blowjob and then she gets out a huge metal pan and holds it up. Men then cum all over her face and in her mouth and all the cum falls out onto the pan. Once it's covered enough, she slowly drinks it all up! She even licks the pan clean! Pretty amazing to see this in a recent bukkake movie.

4: During sex while wearing a swimsuit, she gets an extremely messy facial. Another perfect scene.

5a: While being fingered she gets another amazing facial.

5b: She holds up a glass and men cum all over her mouth and she swallows the contents of the glass. It's not filled with a lot of semen, but that's ok! Following this she has sex and gets another facial.

6: She gives a man a blowjob and then jerks him off. Sounds like a waste, but it's not a bad scene really. It's fairly short.


This movie is one of the best japanese bukkake movies i've seen in years along with DDT-216. This one is better in many ways. I can't decide which actress I like better. I like them both about equally. I can't believe I "only" gave DDT-154 a 9.25/10. It deserve a 10/10 really. Right now Dogma makes the best bukkake movies, with Waap being second. If you could call a bukkake movie a "masterpiece" this would be it! Seriously, I found absolutely zero negatives to say about this movie. There is also no "filler" material in any of the scenes where they waste your time. To me, I've found that this actress is pretty good looking and that's not always common for a very messy bukkake movie. I'd like to see her in other movies.



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DDT-111 - White Semen Again

Actress: Mayura Hoshitsuki

Review score: 9.5/10

Girl in a classroom has a leash around her and takes lots of cumshots in the mouth. She's plays with the cum and then swallows it all down.

For scene 2 she's in her pajamas on a bed. Men cum all over her. I mean everywhere..her legs, chest, hair and arm pit. For part of the scene she's scoops up all of the cum all over her body and sucks it up from a spoon. By the time scenes 1 and 2 are over, it's already 40 minutes into the movie!

Scene 3 is the best scene in the movie so far. This is the type of movie you almost never see anymore. The girl is holding up a metal pan and dozens and dozens of men cum all over it until the whole top of it is covered. Then she's very slowly licks it all up until it's gone. It's very similar to the scene found in Semen Battle (GAD-006) and Haru No Jin.

Scene 4 is another amazing scene. One of the best and messiest facial scenes i've seen in a long time!

Scene 5 has her having sex with some guy, but of course they put around her head this large plastic container. Of course, once again dozens and dozens of men cum all over her face and it all drips into this plastic device. Once they have enough they poor it into a glass and she drinks it down!

BTW this is another title in the white semen bukkake series. I don't understand why, but that series is one of the least popular series of movies I have available here! It deserves to be one of the most popular. I think more people just need to give it a chance!

This one is a must have title. One of the best titles from any maker this year.




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DDT-007 - White Semen 1

Actress: Shinobu Kasagi

1: This scene starts out with her wearing a blue swimsuit. She removes the top part and sucks on a dildo while rubbing her pussy and getting a facial.

2: During sex she gets a messy facial. Very good scene.

3: After giving one man a blowjob she gets on top of another for sex. While she's on top they give her a facial and all the cum drops down into a plastic device that's around her head. At the end she sucks up the cum with a straw!



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1: A female nurse gives a patient a blowjob and he cums in her mouth. She plays with his cum and swallows it.

2: She holds up a petri dish and men cum in her mouth the entire scene. The cum falls out into the dish and she plays with the cum by picking up globs of cum and putting it into her mouth. She licks up the cum from the dish and even licks it clean!

3: She rubs a man's dick in between her tits and gives him a blowjob until he cums into her hands. She licks it up and swallows it.

4: While she uses different toys on herself, men cum all over her body, mostly onto her face. At times she will suck on a dildo and scoop up cum and put it into her mouth.

5: During sex, men cum all over her mouth or in it.



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DDT-236 - White Sexual Desire

Actress: Fuuka Nanasaki

Review score: 9/10

Other than bukkake, Dogma hasn't made a good movie in 3 or 4 months. For my personal collection i'll often buy retail Dogma DVDs. When they have something I want, it's usually very good. Of course, i'm really picky I guess so I shouldn't say they haven't released anything good. I'm still waiting for them to release Vomit Enema Ecstasy Part XII. Ok, i'm kidding!! And yes, they did have a movie with that title. Don't google that, trust me. It's always amusing to see what gross things the Japan porn industry comes up with. I'm a fan of the Onanie Paranoia, but it's not very popular at all on here. Mainly because there's no actual sex in it. But maybe that's not why. The Onanie Poisoning Girl and the M-Drug series is also good (but VERY nasty/extreme). I rank Dogma pretty high on my list of favorites currently.

1: In a classroom with her school uniform on, she gets lots of cumshots all over the face. She scoops all the cum up off her face so that it goes into her mouth. She spits it out into her hands and then sucks it back up and swallows it.

2: Men cum all over her body and then she scoops it up with a spoon, smells it and eats it.

3: What seems like dozens of men cum into her mouth and all of it falls onto this huge metal pan that she is holding up. Once it gets covered enough, she slowly sucks it all up and swallows it. Just check out those screenshots! It's very similar to the scene in Waap's GAD-006 - Semen Battle .

4: During sex, men give her a facial. This facial seems to go on forever.

Doesn't appear to be many negative things about this movie. I just didn't feel like it was worthy of a 10. Think it should be a must have.




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DDT-019 - Endless Semen

Actress: Yukari Sakurada

This is a best seller and didn't have a very good review. It has Yukari Sakurada in it, so that's probably why it sells so well!

1: All the men are laying down in a line on the floor getting ready for the main scene I guess. Yukari goes up to each of them one at a time. She will do whatever she can to get them to cum. Sometimes she rubs them with her feet, rubs their dick against her tits or just jerks them off. Sometimes the men will cum on their own stomache and she will lick it up. During one part she jerks off two men (one on each side) while giving another a blowjob.

2: While using a large double ended dildo she gets a messy facial.

3: During sex with a guy she gets a facial. It's very messy. After a few minutes of that she sits on a large dildo while men giver her yet another facial. This scene is very good and takes up most of the movie.
If you like Yukari Sakurada I could say this is probably one of her best bukkake movies. I don't think it's my favorite Yukari Sakurada movie though. That would probably be MO-12 which is not bukkake.




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Actress: Asuka Sawaguchi

1: Asuka gives a man a long deep-throat blowjob the entire scene. The man cums on and around her mouth and she spits the cum out into her hands.

2: While tied up on a chair, a man fingers her and uses a dildo on her while she gets a facial.

3: Starts out with some fingers, a blowjob, 69 and then sex for the rest of the scene.


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DDT-014 - White Semen 3

Actress: Momoi Nozomi

Review score: 9/10

1: While on a mattress she gives several men blowjobs. She saves up their cum, spits it out into her hands and then sucks it back up. She then shows her mouthful of cum off and then swallows it. The next few cumshots she plays with using her fingers. She continues to give blowjobs and each man will cum in her mouth or around it. She spits out several loads of cum and sucks it back up. I think in this scene alone she must have given maybe what seemed like twenty men blowjobs.

2: During sex in the missionary position, she gets a very messy facial.

3: While on top of a man during sex she has a large plastic device around her head. Men will cum onto her face non-stop the entire scene and all the cum falls down onto the plastic container. There's a small hole in it and it gets filled up with cum and she will use a straw to suck up some of the cum. When they take it off at the end she drinks up all the remaning cum.




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DDT-023 - White Semen 5

Actress: Yumiko Takeuchi

1: She's in a school uniform and gets a facial while a dildo is used on her.

2: During sex, men give her a facial.

3: A large plastic device is put around her head. It's used to collect all the cum. While the plastic thing is around her head, she has sex with one man and lots of men give her a facial. At the very end they dump the cum into a glass and she swallows it all down.


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DDT-065 - Endless Semen

Actress: Ran Asakawa

Review score: 8/10

1: A bunch of men are laying down on the floor side by side. For the first one, she licks him all over, jerks him off a bit and then sits on his face. For the next few, she will jerk them off and give them a blowjob. They then cum in her mouth.

2: Two men are standing up tied up with rubber tubbing. She licks them all over and then gives them blowjobs. She then oils herself up and slides all over the men with her body. She then jerks off two men, one on each side of her. They cum in her mouth and she swallows it down.

3: This is when it starts to get really good! She lays down for a second and uses a small vibrator on herself. When she's ready, she then squats down over a dildo attached to the floor. Men then cum on her face non-stop for the rest of the scene. When they're done it's a complete mess. Check out those screenshots, it's a really good facial!

4: She gets on top of some man for sex and during this she gets another very messy facial that goes on a long time. Another very good facial!



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DDT-051 - Confinement Chair Trance

Actress: Sayaka Kusunoki

Review score: 8.5/10

Does anyone else like Sayaka Kusunoki? I really do, but her movies are not that easy to find. She's in a lot of US releases (that I don't have), but her best movies are from Cando. She's in about two from them. Cando DVT-009 is very good if you like her.

1: This scene is so long! About 30 minutes, but it's good. She starts out by licking a man's dick through his underwear. She removes them and gives him a blowjob. It's a really deep throat blowjobs and she gives him one for what seems like forever, but that's not a bad thing.

2: These scenes have never ever appealed to me for some reason. She is sitting down on a chair with her legs apart and tied up with rubber hoses. She's blindfolded and a man rubs oils all over her body.

A large massager is used on her, man licks her pussy and fingers her hard. While a massager is used on her, at least twenty men cum all over her face! Maybe 24! I lost count!

3: Man licks her tits and then her pussy for a very long time. He then fingers and has sex with her for a very long time.

This is probably one of the best Confinement Chair Trance titles i've seen. Maybe because I kinda like Sayaka, I don't know. This one also has bukkake! This does have a few nasty parts in it, but nothing too bad.



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DDT-152 - Black Kurumi

Actress: Kurumi Morishita

1: Kurumi is interviewed and then she gives a man a long deep-throat blowjob. She can deep-throat the entire thing! The man fingers her and they do a '69'. Following this is a really long sex scene with a cum-shot near the mouth. The first scene is 1 hour and 20 minutes!

2: Kurumi is tied up and he feels up her ass and then uses an ice cube all over her body and then gets out a candle to pour wax on her. Once he covers with with hot wax he has sex with her later on for a long time.

3: She gives two men blowjobs and then has sex with them the rest of the scene.


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DDT-057 - Confinement Chair Trance

Actress: Akira Watase

1: This scene is soooo long. She starts out by licking a man's dick through his underwear. She finally takes them off and then gives him a very long blowjob. She likes to use lots of spit and rubs her tits all over him. It's about 30 minutes long!

2:  They have her strapped down to a chair with some strange white stuff over her pussy. Perhaps it's a way for them to not have to censor the scene? Man rubs her tits and then rubs oils all over her and then does it again. He then fingers and licks her pussy.

they then use a dildo on her and several large vibrators. At one point he fingers her so hard that she squirts up into the air. While a massager is used on her she gets a facial.

3: Starts out with a lot of fingering/foreplay and then the rest of the scene is just sex.



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Actress: Rei Aoki

1: Starts with an interview and then she's down on her knees for a very long deep-throat blowjob.

2: She tied down to a chair and blindfolded while a man first fingers her, rubs oils all over and then licks her pussy. While large toys are used on her, men cum onto her face.

3: just a long boring sex scene. Snore..



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Actress: Ruri Anno, Nanami Kurasawa

Review score: 7.5/10

This is another often ignored Kazuhiko Matsumoto movie. Decided to re-review this one as well. I don't really remember much about this one!

1: Nurse walks into a patients room to see how he feels. She licks him through his underwear, pulls them off and then gives him a blowjob and he cums in her mouth. All better!

2: For breakfast, she has men cum onto her pancake and then she eats it!

3: Rather pointless scene here. She gives about 5 random men standing in line a quick blowjob. No bukkake or anything.

4: She has a man cum on part of her school uniform and then she licks it up.

5: Men cum onto a woman's ass and then the main girl licks it up. I swear the women in this scene looked like Nanami Kurasawa, but maybe not. I'm getting tired of these really short scenes that are over and done with in 2-3 minutes.

6: This is so annoying! All she does for this scene is jerk off some guy while she's reading a magazine. Why?!

7: Men cum on her...cell phone and she licks it clean.

8: Yes, that was Nanami Kurasawa in the previous scene! Here the main girl (what's her name?) lays down and men cum on her body and in the mouth of Nanami and they do some cum-swapping.

9: Dressed as a cheer-leader she licks cum off a glass table.

10: Man walks into a bank to try and rob it. Instead he has all the women give blowjobs to the men and collect their semen in a glass. Nanami Kurasawa is the main star of this scene. She blows men and gets them to cum in her mouth. She'll open her mouth showing off the cum and let it fall into a dish. She really was one of the best bukkake performers and you can see why with titles such as her BF shuttle title, GAD-004 etc. At the end of the scene the main girl of the movie swallows down the cum in the dish.

11: She's dressed in a cigarette makers uniform for this scene. She's smoking a cigarette and then later what she's holding turns into a penis! It's kind of like the intro to the movie. Her microphone she's singing in turns into one as well. Don't ask me why!

12: This is like a re-creation of the MVG masterpiece, Dori Dori Rori School (or whatever that's called). First off she has a man cum into a jar and then she transfers it to various beakers (she's in a chemistry class you know!), touchs the cum, tastes it and then swallows it down. She receives more cum and pretty much does the same thing the rest of the scene. If you like the cum in beakers thing, check out Kasakura CAV-3740 as well.

13: Nice, my DVD player software crashed at this point in the movie and I lost all my screenshots!! Now I don't even feel like reviewing this anymore.

For this scene she holds up a large metal pan. Men cum in her mouth and the cum falls out out onto the pan. At the end of the scene, when it's nearly covered, she licks it up.

14: She's dressed in a wedding dress and gets a pretty messy facial.

15: She licks cum off pieces of a board game and then brushes her teeth with cum!

The last four scenes were near perfect. The rest isn't bad, but some of the scenes are way too short. I guess now I need to go back and take screenshots again. That's too bad, because I took a lot of good ones!





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DDT-080 - Semen Battle Royale 2

Actress: Haruki Mizuno

Score: 9/10

1: In a warehouse, she kneels down and receives a lot of cumshots to the face. The first few go right across her eye. She can't seem to open her right eye well because of this. Once she gets enough cum all over her face she scoops it up with her fingers and puts it in her mouth and then spits it out into her hands.

2: She sits naked at a table, which is just a clear piece of glass. Men cum onto the glass and she licks and sucks the cum up and will then spit it out and play with it a little bit.

3: She gives a blowjob to a man laying on the floor. She jerks him off at the end until he cums all over his stomache. She licks it up and then even licks her fingers clean.

4: While sitting on the ground, she holds up a glass and has men cum in her mouth and all over her tongue. She lets the cum fall out of her mouth into a glass she's holding. At the end of the scene she swallows all of the cum from the glass.

5: During sex, she receives a facial. It's not a very good one though, but it gets better!

6: Starts out with her sitting on the face of some man. They then have sex and during this she gets the messiest facial yet in the movie. It's extremely messy and they even managed to get cum all over the top of her head. Good scene here and it made up for the average facial from the previous scene.

7: This is really just the rest of scene 6. She's still all covered with cum and sits down in front of maybe half a dozen or more men. She uses a small vibrator and all the men piss all over her. She even opens her mouth at times and by the end she's sitting in a large puddle of piss.

This one is very good. It's no masterpiece, but I can definitely recommend it to anyone.




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DDT-123 - Confinement Chair Trance

Actress: Monbu Ran

1: This scene has her giving a guy a deep throat blowjob. I hate this particular scene in the other films in the series because it usually involving them gagging and vomiting. Not my sort of thing! Here she appears to just be really sloppy or maybe I was fast forwarding too fast. She plays with his cum a little bit at the end or maybe that was just her slobber. Sloppy blowjobs are ok in my book.

2: She has her legs tied up with rope and she's sitting on a chair. Guy pours liquid/oil all over her and rubs it in and then rubs her pussy with the stuff and then licks her and then fingers her until she's squirting all over. After this he uses a vibrator and another sex toy on her and then a few men cum all over her face. I hate this scene and it hurt my eyes to even watch it.

3: Guy fingers her, they do a 69 and then have sex in missionary position.




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Actress: Ami Nishimura

Scene 1 she has sex with two men and they empties her mouth filled with cum onto a metal pan and plays with it for awhile.

In scene 2 she has sex with several more men and spits their cum onto a clear piece of plastic and then licks it all up.

Lots more blowjobs and cumshots in scene 3. She sucks the cum out of every man and empties her mouth of cum onto a piece of plastic and licks it up. Towards the end they attach a dildo to it and use it on her. While having sex men cum in her mouth. She saves all the semen and empties it into that plastic pan. The thing eventually gets pretty well covered and she sucks up some of it and when her mouth is completely full she empties it out again. She ends up swallowing all of it and then even licks it up.

This movie has only three scenes but they're very long. The last scene alone makes this movie worth having!



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DDT-115 - Endless Semen

Actress: Syuri Himesaki

Review score: 10/10

In an office setting a man and a woman are making out, she soon gives him a blowjob and she licks up his cum. Soon after this several men cum all over her face while she is wearing glasses.

Now she's getting them ready for the big event I think. She licks some guys ass (and a whole lot more) and gives him a handjob from behind him. She's in a nursing uniform for this scene while several men are laying on their floor. They all unload there cum and she licks it up one way or another.

Now for part 1 of the grand finale. She's in a red dress and holds up a pan. Everyone cums around her mouth and in it for a long time. Actually not too long, i'm so amazed that they were able to get that metal pan covered with semen so fast. They sure did unload rather quickly. Once the metal is totally covered she sucks it all down, of course playing with it a little bit first.

Next she's sitting on top of a dildo for a quick scene. I'm not sure of the purpose of that scene because it lasts for only a minute or so. Now she's on top of the real thing and gets cum all over her face. This is a long and messy facial scene. The best one in the movie of course.




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DDT-020 - White Semen 4

Actress: Marie Takano

I've said it before and i'll say it again, I don't know why the titles in this series don't sell. They're very good!

1: Girl in a school uniform sits down and man uses a vibrator on her while men cum all over her face.

2: Sex and yet another messy facial.

3: She in a room surrounded by men. They put a plastic 'cum holder' around her head and men shoot their cum all over her face the entire scene! All the cum falls off her face into this plastic device. At the end of the scene they dump the cum into a glass and she swallows it down.



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DDT-027 - Endless Semen 2

Actress: Aya Nitta

1: All the men are laying side by side in a row. The main actress spends time teasing each of them by rubbing them and giving them a blowjob. Some of them cum and she licks it up.

2: She rubs her pussy and then uses a dildo on herself while getting a very messy facial.

3: She has sex with one man while the dozen of men give her another facial.





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DDT-035 - White Semen compilation.

Actress: Shinobu Kasagi, Sayaka Tsutsumi

This is a compilation DVD of the White Semen Bukkake series. Parts 1,2 and 3. It does not have scenes from parts 4 and 5.



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DDT-007 - White Semen Bukkake 1

Actress: Shinobu Kasagi

This is part 1 of the White Semen Bukkake (WTJ) series. Hope to have all 5 of them eventually.



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DDT-072 - Confinement Chair Trance

Actress: Kurumi Morishita

1: Kurumi gives a man a long deep-throat blowjob. This is followed by pee in the mouth.

2: While tied up on a chair, a man plays with her nipples and fingers and licks her pussy. He then uses a small bullet vibrator on her and then a large massager. He then fingers her a bit more until men give her a facial.

3: Long sex scene with lots of foreplay at the start.

Despite only having three scenes this movie is about 2 hours.

If you like this series, i'd suggest checking on the "M Drug" series.



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DDT-012 - White Semen 2

Actress: Sayaka Tsutsumi

Scene 1: Girl is kneeling on a mat in a swimsuit. She gives a bunch of guys blowjobs and they cum in her mouth and she swallows each and every mouthful down. After this they cum on her face. Her eyes gets a little red towards the end.

Scene 2: While having sex in the missionary position dozens of guy's shoot their cum on her face.

Scene 3: On a mat she's surrounded by a bunch of men, probably dozens. She starts out by giving some guy a blowjob. They then put this large plastic thing around her head. What it does is collects cum falling off her face. Obviously, these 2 dozen men or so cum all over her face while she's on top of some guy. Once the plastic thing gets filled, she actually starts drinking some of it with a straw! Once this is all over they take it off her and she drinks what's left out of it!

This is a good series and by far one of the most underrated series ever in my opinion. Not sure why people don't seem to like this one much. Get it, it's good!