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1: While outside she sits down on a park bench and a man uses a remotely operated vibrator on her and she rubs her pussy. She even squats down on the bench and shows off her tits while rubbing herself. All while in public!

2: Outside a van a man fingers her, she gives him a blowjob and then has sex with him.

3: While in a park she rubs herself next to a bike and then uses a dildo on herself.

4: In a dark car she gives a man a blowjob and rubs her tits all over his dick.

5: At night she walks into a public men's bathroom alone and ends up having sex with another man after giving him a blowjob.

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1: Her and a man make out, feel each other up and then have sex. You only see her tits for about 10 seconds in this scene. Her whole upper body is clothed!

2: She gives a man a blowjob after he feels up her tits and then he cums all over her face after some titty fucking.

3: She sits on a man's face, rubs her tits all over his dick and then they have sex and he cums all over her face.

4: Oils is rubbed all over her tits.

5: Lots of foreplay and then sex in all sorts of different positions.




I've never seen a Julia movie so this will be an interesting review. The covers of her movies interested me a little and i've had some requests.

1: In a jail a man oils up her tits and rubs and squeezes them for nearly 11 minutes!

2: In the jail cell, men licks and suck on her nipples. During a side view, men feel up and rub her tits even more.

3: A man has his head in her lap and sucks her nipples. She she gives a man a blowjob and then theres more of them licking and playing with her tits. Maybe i'm getting a bit bored of that.

4: While she is laying down a man titty fucks her and shoots cum in between her tits.

5: Just more of them playing with and squeezing her tits. Lots of time they suck on her nipples. At the end she rubs her pussy for like a whole...5 seconds.

6: After some fingering and pussy licking, she has sex.


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101cm H

1: Now this is what I like. A man plays with her tits and you get a closeup sort of wide angel view. If you like huge nipples, you'd probably like hers. He plays with her tits and then she kneels down and gives him a blowjob while he continues to feel her tits. After this he has sex with her on a table and he cums inside her and it leaks out.

2: She rubs her tits all over his dick and then has sex with him. Lots of different camera angles and sex positions.

3: They feel her tis up, stick a vibrator between them and then use one on her.

4: She has sex with two men in this scene. Lots of big boob footage.

5: They pour ketchup all over her tits. Nice! Oh wait, just kidding. Thankfully that's just red goop in what looks like a Ketchup bobble. Soap I guess. They rub it all over her tits, she blows them and then she rubs her tits all over their dicks and they cum on her tits.
This reminded me of an old movie from the company Madonna. I liked this one a lot. The actress I liked a lot, she's not too fat or not too skinny.



1: A man sprays water all over her white T-shirt that is eventually see-through. He then squeezes and feels up her huge tits.

2: Oil is poured all over her tits and rubbed in. While she gives him a blowjob he squeezes and rubs her tits.

3: Oil is rubbed all over her tits and body and then a vibrator is used on her.

4: Man gets tits flopping all over his face and chest. Following this is sex and a cumshot to the face.

5: More oil or lotion is poured all over her tits and then there is some "titty-fucking" and fingering.

6: She's tied up with rope and oils is once again poured all over her chest. Men then cum on her tits while a massager is used on her.

7: Milk is poured all over her tits, she rubs them all over a man and has sex with him.

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J cup 103cm and H cup 100cm

1: This is sort of an intro. Lots of men feel up both of their tits. It kind of creeps me out the way they made it.

2: After showing off their tits for like forever, men use massagers on them.

3: They get fingered after men feel up their tits. The two women then give men blowjobs.

4: They rub their tits all over men's dicks and then have sex.

5: I don't pay attention to men in porn movies, but this scene has the one I hate to see. The one that shouldn't be in porn! The two just rub their tits in his face and give him a blowjob while the other sits on his face.



G-cup 88cm, G cup 90cm

1: Man is laying down in her lap and he sucks on her nipples. She even puts some sort of cream on them and he licks it off.

2: Man licks her pussy while feeling up her tits.

3: Wow, these are some short scenes. Man gets jerked off while getting to suck on some woman's tits.

4: Man gets floppy tits hitting him in the face on a bed. That's always fun, unless you get knocked out.

5: Oil is rubbed all over her tits by a man while on a bed. These scenes are so short. What's next? She walks up some stairs and she shows cleavage?

6: I liked this scene. Kinda. She rubs her tits all over a man's dick. It's shot from a POV angle.

7: More tits being squeezed!

8: Man sucks on her nipples for like 30 seconds. What?!

9: A man laying down sucks on her nipples and then licks frosting off of them.

10: I liked this scene too kind of. She's wearing a see-through white shirt and glasses. A man just feels up tits. That is all.

11: Creepy scene not worth describing.

12: For fun, a man gets to put his penis in between tits!



1: Man pokes her tits and then fingers her. Just an intro I guess.

2: She is fingered and then she gives him a blowjob. All she does is lick his dick around in circles and that's it? What was that?! Anyway, she has sex with him.

3: A man just squeezes and licks her tits.

4: Dumbest scene ever. All she does is put his dick UNDER her shirt to rub it against her tits. If that wasn't bad enough she licks his dick all over while he still has his underwear on. So she's basically just sucking on someone's underwear. Weird.

5: Here she is dressed up as a cowboy, err, Cowgirl I guess. Have you ever seen the one where Kurumi Morishita dressed up as one and was even wearing chaps? I loved that scene. I think it was in a movie from Dogma called "Normal Sex" that I have. In this scene (sorry, got off track) she gives two men blowjobs and has sex with them.

6: This is just a badly filmed scene shot in a hotel.



J-cup 101cm

1: Man squeezes her tits and then receives a blowjob. He cums in her mouth and she spits it out into her hand.

2: She sits in a chair and shakes her tits all around and squeezes them.

3: A few men feel her tits and that's all.

4: While dressed as a maid she shows off her tits and a man plays with them from behind.

5: A man gets tits rubbed in his face that are covered with cream. She then jerks the man off.

6: A patient licks cream off the nurse's tits and then she wraps her tits around a man's dick and rubs it between them.

7: She squeezes an plays with her tits while they are covered in oil. She then sticks a dildo between her tits and slides it up and down. This is always fun to watch.

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1: I normally don't have a thing for big tit fetish movies, but this one appealed to me for some reason so I thought i'd check it out. Maybe it will be good after all. I may consider a category for this genre if anyone is interested in it (edit: it's now up!).

Outside in a pool she takes off her shirt to show off her huge tits and a man just pokes at them with his finger! Luckily it's just an intro. Those are the hugest tits i've seen in like...forever?

She now in a bathtub with the man and she rubs her tits in his face and then wraps them around his dick. They kind of gross me out. I know that's not what most men would say! They're big and floppy and hang down really low. Not my thing I guess. She has sex with him and then jerks him off until he cums in her hand.

2: A man plays with her tits and then has sex with her.

3: While using a vibrator on herself men give her a facial.

4: This one is a sex scene and a cumshot to the face.

5: They tie her tits up with jump ropes and then use a vibrator on her for the start of the scene. They eventually remove them and she kneels down and gives the two men blowjobs and then has sex with one of them.

Anna Ohura


I-cup 101cm

1: In a jail cell they put rubber tubing around her tits and then use small vibrating wands on them.

2: Anna gives a man a blowjob and he cums on her chest.

3: During sex, chocolate is poured all over her chest. I find that kind of not something I don't want to watch.

4: Two men feel up her tits.

5: She oils up her tits and rubs them on a man's chest. Next he just sticks his fist in between her tits. A dildo would have been more fun to watch.

6: While in a school uniform two men sucks on her tits, rub them and then lick her pussy. Following this they both have sex with her and cum on her tits.


Yumemi Tachibana


F-cup 86cm

As you may know, I don't normally have much "plain vanilla" Japanese porn in my personal collection. This one though looked interesting. I was so close to adding it in the past, but decided not to for some strange reason. The actress in the movie kind of appealed to me, I need to check and see if she's done a bukkake movie!

1: While she's sitting in a chair, a man from behind her rubs her tits after taking off her clothes.

2: She rubs her tits all over an oiled up piece of plastic or glass.

3: This scene kind of ruined it for me. I don't usually like food items in porn movies, but that's just me. A man puts whipping cream on her fingers and she sucks it off. More of the stuff goes onto her shirt and then she removes the shirt and it's all over her tits. The man even puts a ton of it down her shorts!

She gives him a blowjob with cream all over his dick and then has sex with him in the reverse cowgirl position and they continue to squirt that whipped cream all over the place. Halfway through they switch to missionary.

4: Oil is rubbed all over her body by several men and then she strips down and a few cum onto her face.

5: They put some red rope around her tits and then use lots of vibrators on her pussy. In the next short section of this scene, three large massager are used on her and she squirts all over the camera.

6: Lots of foreplay to start the scene off. One man lifts her up over his head and fingers her so she squirts all over. Following this she gives one man a blowjob and sits on a second man's face. After that it's a 69 follwed by sex in lots of different positions.

MiruMiru Kurumi
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K-cup 107cm

I was actually avoiding reviewing this movie! Ok, not really, I just forgot about it for awhile. I'll be honest and say that this isn't my type of movie, so I may not enjoy reviewing this one.
1: She takes off her shirt and shows off her huge tits. She takes her time and eventually sits down while a man from behind squeezes her tits. A little milk even seems to leak out, but this is not a lactation movie! No squirting involved. Well, forget I even said that, she squirts out milk everywhere from both tits at the same time! The rest of this scene is actually all lactation! She lactates a LOT!
2: A man plays with, licks and feels up her tits and then licks her pussy. She then starts to give him a blowjob, sprays milk all over the man's dick and then rubs her big tits all over his dick. They finally have sex and she sprays milk all over during sex. At the end he cums all over her chest while his dick is between her tits.

3: This is just a very short into to another scene. She is on a bed and her tits now seem twice as big as normal. It's almost as if they're too big for her own hands! She just rubs and squeezes them together and even sprays some milk onto the camera. I actually didn't mind watching this.

4: She puts her tits all over a man's face and squirts milk all over his face and the camera. She then squirts milk all over his dick and then rubs his dick in between her tits. At the end of the scene there is a closeup shot of her lactating all over the place in a side view.

5: At the start of the scene she crushes a bottle with just her tits! That's always fun to watch. The rest of the scene is mostly sex with some lactation.

I thought this movie would be painful to watch, but it's not bad at all and I kind of even liked it. Fans of massively huge tits would love this I think, even more so if they also liked lactation. I will say this movie is very fun to watch actually. It most definitely IS a lactation movie!


MiruMiru Kurumi
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K-cup 107cm

1: After showing off her tits, a man feels them up and she lactates all over the place. She then even squirts milk into the man's mouth in a closeup view. Following this is a long sex scene.

2a: She puts lots of vegetables in between her tits and crushes a plastic bottle with her tits.

2b: She rubs her tits all over a man's dick and then there is some 'titty-fucking' where he cums in between her tits.

3: More playing with her tits while a large massager is used on her pussy.

4: Sex and lots more lactation and both of them playing with her tits.


Natsumi Kitahara


F-cup 90cm

It's disappointing that I have so many of this actresses movies, but they never sell, despite being so good. She MUST be pretty popular in Japan because she seems to release like 2 or 3 movies each month in Japan. I get them for myself, because I like them so much. I decided to add some more for maybe some people that like her.

1: I could watch scenes like this all day, but it would seem to some that it's rather boring, but not to me. Natsumi is outside in a lobby getting ready to clean it with her broom and dust pan. A man greets her in the lobby and leaves. He comes back a few seconds later and starts rubbing and squeezing her tits. Lots of good shots. He does this for the entire scene and she even licks her own nipples. Once he's done with rubbing her tits, he uses his phone and just leaves without saying anything, as if he had just came and she's all disappointed. Men just seem to want to squeeze and suck her tits and leave!

2: I don't think plumbers have this ever happen to them. A plumber is doing his work and Natsumi is leaning over on the floor and showing off her tits. The plumber squeezes and plays with her tits forever and then rubs her pussy and fingers her. Again, without even any sex, he's had his fun and walks away! She just doesn't have any luck! Of course she instead just keeps on going and plays with her own tits herself and then ends the scene by using her fingers and a vibrator.

3: The man from scene one comes back and of course starts out by playing with her tits and then rubs her pussy and fingers her. Next, she rubs her tits all over his dick and they have sex.

Loved this movie, but it only has one real sex scene!

Natsumi Kitahara

F-cup 90cm

1: She rubs her tits all over her husband's dick and has sex with him. Of course he cums all over her tits. There's actually a story to this movie, but I don't really understand it.

2: Man has sex with some random older woman. They do a 69 and then it's missionary and cumshot to the face.

3: While she is vacuuming the floor, she shows off her tits and a man enters the room to feel up her tits, squeeze and suck on them and then have sex with her.

4: In the bathroom she soaps herself up, plays with her tits and then rubs her pussy while squeezing her tits even more!

5: Gives a man a blowjob and then rubs the man's dick between her tits and has sex with him.

6: Starts out with "titty-fucking"! After that it's sex in the doggy-style position while her tits flop all around.

Natsumi Kitahara

F-cup 90cm (cover wrong?)

I like the star of this movie so much that i've purchased at least half a dozen movies with her in them. If there was one person i'd like to see in a lactation movie, this would be her! She'd be near perfect. Yeah, I know it's impossible, but maybe people who like lactation movies, might like her. I'm not much into movies with a breast fetish theme to them (other than lactation), but I like her tits! They're big and floppy (not in a bad way) and her nipples are the size of Maria Oguras maybe. I don't know if she's popular in japan with the people who like slightly older women, but she seems to have a new movie out twice a month!

1: She is in a bathroom and soaps herself along with her tits up. She rubs the man's whole arm in between them and rubs her tits all over him.

2: She rubs herself against a man's chest and then gives him a blowjob and a short handjob. She puts lotion all over her tits and squeezes them together and she puts his dick in between her tits and rubs it all over.

3: Yet another part where she oils up her tits and rubs them all over! Nothing wrong with that to me! The man takes over for awhile and then she rubs her tits all over his dick again and then they have sex the rest of the scene in several positions.

4: She oils herself up again and rubs her body against the man. Of course she rubs oil all over her tits as well. After that she sits on a man's face and he licks her pussy and then it's missionary and sex in the doggy-style position.


Sakura Sena Best Selection
Sakura Sena


K-cup 101cm

Do you like huge fake boobs? Some do, some don't. If you do, this movie is a must have. This woman has the biggest ones I've EVER seen! This isn't bukkake but it still has some good stuff in it!

1: She's in an office setting and rips open her shirt and it's like her tits burst out. Those things are so huge. Guy uses a vibrator on her that she had in a drawer.

2: She oils up her boobs and some guy titty-fucks her.

3: In a doctor's office she has sex with a patient in full body bandages and then takes off his cum-filled condom and holds it up.

4: In this scene she does a white and black man. Just your standard sex scene here.

5: In this one she has a red ball-gag in her mouth and is tied with red rope. They pour hot wax all over her breasts and then she has sex with several men and gives them blowjobs as well.

6: Gangbang scene here with about 5 men. One of them cums all over her face.

7: She puts jelly all over her boobs. Once that's done she drips chocolate syrup over them, that's much better.

So many more scenes in this movie, too much to list! This movie is nearly 3 ½ hours long!!


Natsumi Kitahara
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